Continuing the Year in Review: The Great Octomom Offer; Shawna Lenee Puts the Hex on Opie & Anthony

In another sad case of porn performer demise, Jason Sechrest reported on his website this year that Porn/Reality Star Caleb Carter was found dead at his home in San Diego, having hanged himself.

“Caleb Carter loved every minute of being known for his wild antics both on and off camera,” Sechrest wrote. “A power bottom who loved showing off how much he could take in intense sex scenes, he shot to a more mainstream popularity as a featured reality TV star on the highest rated episode of the MTV series, ‘Parental Control.’

“He was also an incredibly talented writer, having penned his own short stories and one of the longest running monthly columns for us here at for two years. Caleb was a lot of fun. He was a good friend and one of the best performers I ever had the pleasure of directing. I’m going to miss him so much.”

In a quickie interview with – Saphire who works at The Chicken Ranch says this: “I like prostitution better than porn because the customers here that I meet are much more interesting than the people on porn sets.” She may have a point.

Joe Francis wants to sue Gawker for calling him a rapist? What about the fact that Francis’ company was reputed to have raped a myriad of customers on credit card billings, as we saw when a settlement was reached in the class action lawsuit against Girls Gone Wild for sending and charging customers for DVDs they didn’t order.

After ordering one DVD, defendants Mantra Films, Inc., MRA Holdings LLC and Joe Francis were alleged to enroll customers in a monthly video club plan without the member’s knowledge or consent and charge their credit card without authorizations. Depending on how much proof of purchase they had, class members can get a refund for the videos, shipping costs, or a discount on future jug-jiggling videos.

This case is called In re Girls Gone Wild Litigation. The lawsuit claims:

* The Defendants (Mantra Films, Inc., MRA Holdings LLC and Joe Francis) automatically enrolled anyone who bought a Girls Gone Wild video or DVD after June 2, 1999 in a monthly video club (“continuity plan” or “monthly video club”) without their knowledge or consent.

* After delivering the first order, the Defendants mailed other, unordered videos or DVDs and charged approximately $26, plus shipping and handling, to the consumer’s credit or debit card without the consumer’s authorization. The Defendants charged these consumers’ credit or debit cards for the additional, unordered videos or DVDs, plus shipping and handling fees, without sending billing notices, and

* These practices violate the Unfair Competition Law and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

This class action was brought in the Superior Court of the State of California in Los Angeles County.

Then we have the Myrtle Beach man who claims he was bitten by a stripper while getting a lap dance. Police noted the man, who had no signs of injury, had been drinking and appeared intoxicated. The woman told police she was dancing for the man and she bit his shirt and pulled it away from his body with her teeth.

The 29-year-old man told police he was at the club getting a dance from a 19-year-old woman when she bit his nipple. The man told police he asked the woman to buy him a drink for biting him, but instead she attempted to slap him. The man said he found management to report the incident, but was told to leave the club because he was trespassing. Police noted the man, who had no signs of injury, had been drinking and appeared intoxicated.

The woman said she finished the dance, the man tipped her $1 and then she walked away. An hour later the woman said she put her hand on his shoulder to offer him a dance and he shouted not to be touched and swung his arm at her. The woman said the man went to management then to report the incident. The woman said security then escorted him out of the club.

In another lawsuit, Stiletto magazine sued the City of Paramount, California. Stiletto and its distributor filed a complaint against the city after officials removed their magazines from stands in an effort to enforce a city ordinance meant to protect minors.

“[City officials] obviously didn’t look at my client’s magazine before they took the action that they did,” said Michael Fattorosi, attorney for Stiletto and its distributor.

“There’s nothing obscene or adult about Stiletto magazine. What’s in the pages of Stiletto magazine is nothing more than you would see on primetime TV. There are no nude pictures and no depictions of sexual activity.”

“Stiletto magazine is a magazine that reports on and discusses activities and goings on at gentlemen’s clubs in Southern California,” Fattorosi went on to say, “but in no way could it be considered material that is harmful to children. For Paramount to make this decision is a violation of my clients’ First Amendment rights. I feel very confident that we will win this case.”

Michael Musto of the Village Voice raised a tickle with this story about porn star Zeb Atlas who walked into a New York emporium to get his dick hair lasered off.

“Jaws dropped when a clothed, musclebound, 6′ 3” bisexual erotic entertainer and porn star, Zeb Atlas, who just finished his first gay porn film, walked into ‘Phoenix Rising Laser’ for his laser session. Behind closed doors, the hunk stripped down to his birthday suit for ‘Doctor’ (Paul) Morgan and told him he wanted any hair removed from the shaft of his penis, so that cameras could catch him in all his full-length nine-and-a- half-inch glory.

“Zeb asked the ‘cool as a cucumber’ Morgan, ‘Do you want me to get a boner so that you can zap each hair?’ Morgan, who has seen it all (having spent much of last month creating heart-shaped bikini areas that he calls ‘heart-attacks’ for women and similarly shaped ‘heart-ons’ for the Chelsea crowd for Valentine’s Day), lay Zeb down on the table and got down to business (no cameras this time). Morgan’s results were picture perfect and Zeb’s fans are incredibly happy with the results.”

Damn you Verne Gagne! The moment you turn your head, the legendary wrestler’s got it in a submission hold. Unfortunately this time around Gagne killed someone with it. According to the story, pro wrestling legend Gagne had an altercation with a fellow resident of a Bloomington, Minnesota health care facility, leading to the man’s death. The incident between Gagne, 82, and Helmut Gutmann, 97, occurred at the memory loss section of Friendship Village.

Gutmann, who immigrated to the United States in 1936 as the Nazi threat grew, suffered a broken right hip and died. What led to the altercation was anyone’s guess but Gutmann’s death was ruled accidental.

Speaking of headlocks, David Elms was often accused of putting hookers in figurative ones in alleged attempts to extort sex from them. Elms is the owner/operator of Hawthorne-based, a Web site where potential clients or “hobbyists” can submit reviews and search other reviews on escorts or “providers.”

The Web site allows members to rank their experiences with escorts on a scale of 1-to-10, post pictures and leave detailed comments. The site covers all 50 states and lists escorts by city and area code.

However Elms, 37, is facing murder-for-hire charges in Phoenix having tried to hire someone to kill a 32-year-old female. According to authorities, Elms also planned to have a 62-year-old man seriously injured as a possible cover-up to the murder-for-hire scheme.

Police will not reveal who Elms was allegedly targeting to protect the woman’s safety.

Records in a California copyright infringement suit accuse Elms of threatening a Jane Doe because she refused to have sex with him or allow her name to be published on his Web site.

Elms has been in and out of trouble with the law, including last summer when he was accused of violating his probation stemming from a 2006 conviction for possession of a firearm and drugs.

Riah Star, an escort who has been reviewed 66 times since 2005, said Elms “doesn’t understand what this business is really about. The power went to his head.”

Then around June reports surfaced that Elms had been arrested in San Diego after two months on the lam from Maricopa County criminal charges. Elms was trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States when he got caught. It was believed Elms fled the United States and possibly went to Dubai, then tried to return to the United States through Mexico when the Border Patrol arrested him.

You had Gary Glitter screwing around with Thai kids, The Who’s Pete Townshend downloading kiddie porn and now there’s Les McKeown of the Bay City Rollers talking about how he’s a bone smuggler. All of the sordid details came to light when McKeown’s wife found out he had cheated on her with men throughout their marriage when he confessed to it on a British reality TV show.

His wife Peko was furious when Les admitted the truth while filming Rehab, a Living TV show about celebrities battling addiction. Les, 53, said his fascination with gay sex began when he was “date-raped” by a man at the age of 19, at the height of the band’s fame. Although he felt abused, he found he was attracted to men. He said he had had around a dozen lovers. He reportedly said: “I’ve been a bit of a George Michael.” But he said these encounters never made him happy, and he began drinking heavily partly to block out he memory of the rape. He also admitted being unfaithful to his wife with other women.

Taryn Thomas also made some headlines when she announced she was back in the business after a two-year hiatus- this time to make, produce and direct movies.

Once known as “Porn’s Dirtiest Girl,” Thomas left the business for a spell to pursue a career in cosmetology.

“I just needed a break,” she said. “I worked non stop for two years and wanted to try other things, but I am back with even more energy than before. I have worked very hard to get back to where I want to be. I’m ready to show people what I can do. I wasn’t the dirtiest girl in porn for nothing.”

At age 16 Thomas knew she wanted to do something with her life that would shock her family and friends. Upon her 18th birthday she started working with Lightspeed Media to doing photo shoots for the internet and some softcore pornography. In late 2004 Thomas decided to go to southern California and work in the adult industry in hardcore pornography. One of her first scenes came in 12 on 1 #2 by Lethal Hardcore featuring Taryn and 11 other girls including Penny Flame, Sandra Romain and Melissa Lauren.

For the 2006 AVN Awards Taryn was nominated for Best New Starlet losing out to McKenzie Lee, although Taryn went on to Win two other very coveted Best New Starlet Awards: Night Moves Best New Starlet 2006 and Rog Reviews Fan Faves Best Newbie 2006.

At the F.A.M.E awards voted on by fans in 2006 Taryn was also nominated for Rookie Starlet of the Year and Dirtiest Girl in Porn and Favorite Anal Starlet. Taryn ended up winning the Dirtiest Girl in Porn losing out on the other two which went to her friend Alektra Blue and Brandy Talore for rookie and anal to Taylor Rain.

Thomas stills lives in Arizona traveling to the Los Angeles to shoot porn this is her way keeps her personal life and “work” life separate.

How’s this for the Booga-Booga? After being roasted on the Opie & Anthony Show, pint-sized goddess Shawna Lenee fired back, recording a YouTube video in which she predicted the comic duo would be kicked off terrestrial radio. No less than a month later they were – losing their FM slot when New York’s K-Rock switched formats.

“I’m not saying that it’s voodoo or witchcraft or anything like that,” Cypher cryptically comments. “I’m just saying that the girl is not to be trifled with. It’s definitely spooky. I can say that. Haters consider yourself warned.”

Shawna Lenee can be found online at her MySpace or followed live on Twitter at

As predictions go, I made one many moons ago that everyone in porn will have written a book. Wicked’s Joy King must have heard me. King this year announced her self-published tome, “Get Into Porn: An Industry Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Porn Star.”

“This all started in 1998 when I was running Jenna Jameson’s fan club,” said King. “She got thousands of letters, and half were from people who wanted to get into the business. That was the No. 1 question people asked, and it still is the no. 1 question I’m asked. There isn’t a comprehensive guide by someone in this industry about the nuts and bolts of how to get into this industry and how to be a success. I decided to sit at the computer — for a few years — and bang it out.”

King is now vice president of special projects at Wicked Pictures, and is widely credited with establishing Jenna Jameson as an adult star after Jameson signed with Wicked as a contract performer in 1995.

The book can be ordered through King’s website, and plans call for King to continue offering new information to subscribers.

And how can we forget the debacle known as OctoMom, Nadya Suleman.

Blame Vivid in part for starting it when TMZ reported that they had offered Octomom $1 million and health insurance if she would star in several porn flicks. Then seeing a great opportunity to whore for some mainstream press, Pink Visual offered a year’s supply of diapers if Octomom kept her clothes on…for the sake of her children. Pink Visual, wanting to appear as the Captain Save-a-Ho in this sordid scenario, warned, “There’s a great deal of stigma attached to being a porn star” and that Octo needs to think “in the best interest of your children.”

Octomom gave her reply to Vivid with the following quote: “Seriously, though, my mum didn’t bring me up like that. Besides, what will my 14 kids think when they grow up? Despite what people think of my methods to get pregnant, I believe in love and romance. Not cheap thrills that belittle women.”

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