Conversations with Aurora Jolie; Anal-Only to Preserve Her Virginity

Porn Valley- Aurora Jolie- who I meet at PrimeTimeUncensored, – looks sweet, young and innocent with her white knee socks and pigtail, school yard look.

After she tells you this story about what happened to her in Miami recently, though, you want to know what school yards she’s been hanging around. Jolie, who’s been in porn since Ausgust 2006, was on vacation and winds up being gangbanged by six guys in an electronics store.

“I answered an ad in the LA Xpress and it turned out it was for World Modeling,” she explains. “Originally I thought I was going to do print work and pictures. But I ended up doing my first scene- it was an anal scene.”

But here’s the thing with Jolie- anal is all she does in an effort to preserve her vaginity. Which makes Jolie a regular Cassie Nova- a Turkish porn performer from the Eighties who pretty much held the same views about the sanctity of cooze.

So when you begin hearing more about Jolie’s escapade in Miami you realize that it was ass she was giving up. Though she makes a point of telling you condoms were involved.

“It was pretty crazy,” she laughs. “I was on South Beach. It was my first time being away from home and I got swept up. I ended up having sex with a lot of guys in this store.”

Jolie explains that she had been shooting for a company down there and was on a break.

“I walked into this store and saw this guy- I thought he was really cute,” she continues. “He was a Greek guy. We just went upstairs and started fooling around. And then his friend came upstairs. And more and more guys started coming.”

First off I was curious how Jolie could tell this guy was Greek.

“Was he wearing a victory wreath?” I ask her.

“He looked Mediterranean, then he told me,” Jolie replies. “We started talking and I was, like, let’s go upstairs. It was something like a loft-type thing where they had a bunch of mannequins and stuff up there. And he was hot. These guys just started coming up. I guess they heard us. Maybe five or six guys…the whole day ended up being ten guys.”

“It started off in the store,” she explains. “Then I got kicked out of the store. The manager knew what was going on and had me leave- it wasn’t like it was a big thing. Then they took me to this other store next store where there were more guys. It was a clothing store. I went back to the bathroom and took on these guys one at a time.”

Getting back to her first anal scene on camera, Jolie notes that she had never had sex in her pussy.

“I actually got my first kiss two months before,” she adds. “And so I was too scared to do the pussy. Originally I was planning on doing it but just kept stalling it off. That’s how I’ve managed to do only anal on camera this past year.”

According to Jolie, she grew up in a very strict military and religious environment. Both of her parents are in the military and Jolie feels that she was held down and bottled up.

“I was never allowed to date,” she notes. “I just erupted my 18th year.”

Jolie tells you there’s not been a guy yet that she’s wanted to open her legs for.

“And I’ve never had a boyfriend- that’s what I’m waiting for,” she says. “Because anal to me- for some reason- I’ve made it not as important or tied as much value to it.”

Personally I’m in agreement with Jolie and the way she thinks.

“But I want to wait until it’s not a one-night stand,” she continues. “I don’t think I want to do it on camera. I just want to wait until I’m comfortable. Once I do that, then I’ll do it on camera.”

Jolie tried anal one other time in her personal life before she premiered her sphincter for the lens.

“The dude was in there for like ten seconds,” she laughs. “And he was a pinky size. He was bad.”

Jolie, however, couldn’t keep her porn secret long from her parents who found out the old fashioned way, when a tax statement got sent to their house.

“It was very awkward,” she recalls. “My dad called and asked me about it. I was, like, I’m not going to lie about it any more. I’ll just tell them and that’s what I did. They’re not happy but we’re getting better.”

With ten dudes near or up her ass in one day, you’ve got to find it amazing that Jolie continues to look for Mr. Vaginal Right. Not that she’s had a lot of time. Before she got into the industry, Jolie graduated high school two months prior. Then she had a brief, interim job at a grocery store.

“I got fired a month in,” she says. “I just hated it there. I never wanted to work like that. I just wanted to model. I would be in the mirror at the grocery store while I was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom and just be like doing poses and stuff. And there’d be customers knocking on the door.”

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