Conversations with Jordan Lane – 6/20/2008

Porn Valley- Jordan Lane is a former cop, so he has something in common with Jack Lawrence and and Joe Friday. Only Lane used to be a cop back in the sticks – Wheeling, West Virginia.

“It’s like Hee Haw back there,” he laughs.

“Do you have any Hee Haw stories where you stop moonshiners or country girls with big tits who blow job their way out of tickets?” he’s asked.

The blow job part, Lane says, does happen.

I give Lane a quick recap of the infamous Barbie Cummings story involving her, oral sex and a cop.

Lane, who gets his porn name from a street his grandmother lived on, was a cop for five years and remembers contests they used to have.

“We’d have a cam on the cruiser, videotaping stuff. I had a whole collection.”

And by that Lane means Barbie Cummings-type material.

“So actually that was my first experience on camera,” Lane chuckles. “One was a boy-girl-girl. They were dancers from a club. I thought it would be great on camera. But it didn’t come out that well.”

“I imagine it was tough opening up for the camera in that particular set of circumstances,” I tell Lane.

Otherwise, Lane says things have been going slow during the June gloom. And his past, Lane’s laughing, is probably just as unremarkable.

Lane, who’s with Lisa Anne’s agency and has been in the business about six months, said he gets to do features because he can act.

“I know some people take classes but I think you either have it or you don’t,” he says. “So it’s innate, I guess.”

And Lane’s also fairly confident with his woodman’s abilities.

“I could work with lunch meat and not struggle through it,” he chuckle. “I’m pretty consistent, pretty dependable.”

Lane moved out here to go to school but found the cost of living to be outrageous.

“So porn was something I kind of fell into,” he says.

“I think doing something like this is in the back of every teenage boy’s mind. I had an ex girl friend who got me into the industry. And I thought it’s absolutely ridiculous that you get paid for that, so I figured why not. So Lane, did like a lot of couples do, he worked with his girlfriend on camera. Her screen name’s Alisandra.

“She was pretty well established,” he continues. “Then I got with an agent and it blossomed after that.”

“The first time we worked together was for a site, straight guys for gay eyes,” Lane recalls, noting that he’s been a competitive bodybuilder and closet exhibitionist.

“And the DVD should be coming out July 17th,” he adds. Lane says because guys he knows like Marcus London and Sergio worked for that line, he thought why not. Lane has also been a past Mr. West Virginia- 1997. He began training in high school.

“Tell the truth, were you juicing?”

“Of course,” says Lane.

“Can you kick Lee Stone’s ass?”

“I met him and played his cousin for Bad News Bitches for Pink Kitty,” Lane replies.

Lane has also enjoyed working with Jada Stevens and Holly West, as well. He recalls another time working for Veronica Hart. Except he didn’t make the connection that she was the same woman he watched in porn movies.

“That was three weeks ago, for Penthouse. At first I thought she was the costume lady. She’s a totally unpretentious, beautiful person. It was literally right before the scene that I learned this was Veronica Hart.”

“I probably watched porn as much as teenage boy does,” Lane recalls. “It was my parents old movies.”

Among the latter generation, Lane says he’s always enjoyed Lisa Sparxxx. Lane, like I, agrees with his appreciation of women of that body structure.

“Back in Wheeling you must have had a ton of girls that type,” I tell Lane.

“Yeah, there was a lot of Greek and Italian women, true,” Lane recalls.

“You’ll find more of that type back on the east coast than out here,” I continue.

“I noticed that,” says Lane.

Lane, like the late Jon Dough, comes from a blue collar town where steel making is the chief industry.

“They still embrace lunch bucket values and it’s conservative middle America,” Lane says, although he never worked in the mills.

“I went the college route and I actually wanted to be a writer. But that never came to fruition. It was the money factor and you have to eat. So I had to make a prudent decision about eating as opposed to going to school. I’ll probably still go to grad school.”

Lane went to college where he played football for a Division 2 school and pretty much went steady with one girl.

“That doesn’t sound like a gangbang profile,” I tell Lane.

“I was a Poly Sci major and a pretty conservative Republican,” he laughs.

“I‘m like a militia man. I’m a social fiscal conservative so this is probably the last thing I’d ever think of doing.” And Lane admits that he voted for Bush.

“I don’t know what economic theory that subscribes to, probably Reagan’s trickle down theory,” he continues. “Which absolutely makes sense to me. I think if we have a robust economy, McCain’s going to get in.”

“I think that puts you against type compared to most performers in the business,” I say to Lane.

“It’s probably all about personal accountability,” he reflects.

Lane thinks the friends back home have pretty much found out what he’s been doing.

“Through MySpace. Some of the guys I went to school with say they’re living vicariously though my experiences. But since porn is kind of aloof and mechanical I kind of spoiled their dream.”

And Lane’s folks, fiscal conservatives, as well, are also okay with his choice of careers.

“Which makes me feel good,” he says.

Lane loves the adult business and figures if he can make a career of it, why not.

Because Pamela Peaks, and was the one who told me about Lane to begin with, I ask how they met.

“It was through Devon Lee actually,” replies Lane. “Pam has an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry. She’s a hyper-intelligent Alpha female, and I love talking to her.

Lane’s currently working on a website,

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