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Porn Valley- Michelle Maylene turned 19 the other day and celebrated her birthday on the set of Sinsations: Skinflicks which is the first title in a new softcore series being put together by the company, Dusk Till Dawn Entertainment. Robert Lombard of Creative Image Management, is casting and producing the series.

For her birthday, Maylene was surprised with a chocolate cake which is her favorite and during our interview was stifling hiccups. She always gets hiccups prior to an interview, she says. Maylene’s been in the business 8 1/2 months and is with LA Direct Models.

“I was always fascinated by the industry but didn’t know how to get my foot into the door the right way,” she notes. Maylene met someone who worked for Playgirl and she would go on shoots to watch to get a feel for the business. She met Tiffany Taylor on one of the sets and Taylor introduced Maylene to Derek Hay.

Maylene was still a high school student at the time.

“I started in my last month and skipped school to do scenes,” she laughs. “I’d come back the next day and everyone knew what I was up to. The administration was weirded out because I was the senior class president and there was this big thing but I loved it. It was so much fun. During my speech people were, like, show us your tits- she’s a porn star!” I recollect that Maylene was kicked out of her senior prom. She says, yeah, but it was no big deal because it happened at the end of the evening when she didn’t care. The story I heard was that Maylene was stripping.

“I really wasn’t stripping,” she insists. “My girlfriends requested a song for me- Pour Some Sugar on Me. So I got on the table and acted like I was stripping. But they said I was stripping so they kicked me out. It was the last fifteen minutes so I really didn’t care. It was fun.”

Maylene was a good kid in high school and got good grades.

“I would skip a lot but that was about it,” she says. If she hadn’t gotten into porn, Maylene says she’d probably be going to college.

“I wanted to study business and I wanted to study fashion merchandising,” she says. “But when I really really thought about the jobs I was considering for my career after high school, I came to the conclusion that fashion buying is boring and it’s really hard to find companies to hire you because there’s only like one or two fashion buyers for every company.” Maylene was also interested in landscape and interior design.

‘But I’d probably run out of ideas after a good year,” she laughs. “I like porn for that reason- it’s always changing and I don’t have to worry about coming up with anything.” it’s also pointed out that Maylene is making more money than any girl her age with a potential of making even more.

“Doesn’t that thought spoil you for trying to get a real job?” I ask her.

“It spoils me,” she admits. “But at the same time I’m very thankful. It’s a hard job. A lot of people think it’s so easy and you’re making so much money. But it’s hard. There are hazards and you get sick some time. I’m just grateful that I’ve made it this so far, so young. And I have a good head on my shoulders and I’m going to be in this industry for a long time.”

Maylene explains her character in Skinflicks.

“I get to play a super bitchy contract star,” she says. “She says a bunch of mean stuff and wants everything to go her way. I love playing the part and I think I do I really good job.” Maylene’s also quick to point out that she’s not that way in real life.

“But me and my girlfriends in high school were catty,” she laughs, noting that some of the lines in the script recalled things she’d used to say. “So it reminded me of high school and I had to laugh. But I really like the role. I couldn’t wait to play a bitch.”

In school, Maylene said she was more focused on having friends and fun than sticking her nose in a book. “But I did anyway- I’d always play first, then work. I still did good in school. I was a good kid- I just partied a lot with my girlfriends.”

The first time Maylene had sex was at the age of 15 with a boyfriend.

“My dad was in the military [he’s now retired in Florida] and we were about to move to North Carolina,” she explains. “This boyfriend got weird and said I don’t want you to leave. We did it. Then I moved away for six months and came back.

“I had been with him for a couple of months and we ended up being together until just before I turned 18,” she added. “And that’s how I learned to be such a good porn star- because this guy has the biggest ego [and the smallest penis] – if I didn’t pretend that I came and was having a good time, his ego would be crushed. But he was also a two-pump chump. That’s how I got so good at being a porn star. It was exaggerating and fake cumming. So I thank him for that.”

Maylene is asked if she still has to act in front of the camera.

“Some times,” she replies. “Occasionally I do have to act either because I’m not in a good mood or they drove this weird guy at me that I’m supposed to act like I’m really into. But it’s only like 1 out of every 13 scenes. It’s not that often.” Maylene said she likes working with Evan Stone, especially.

“He’s just a great guy to work with,” she states. “He makes a lot of fun and we’re really good friends. You get to be good friends with the men in the industry so you know who you’re going to work with. It’s not like you sleep with strangers. I also like Manuel. He’s a great performer. Even though he’s really big, he’s really good with it.”

There was talk on the set that Maylene’s mother was also super hot.

“She’s still a dancer in Chicago,” says Maylene. “She’s a stripper- she’s hot. She’s really fun.” Maylene’s mother came to visit her recently and went to the LA Direct Christmas party with her.

“It was so embarrassing,” Maylene laughs. “I had to leave early because my mom got too drunk. Everyone was, Michelle, take your mom home. She’s crazy- she’s more like a friend than a mother to me.”

Maylene’s whole family knows that she’s in the porn business and her mother, in particular, is very proud of her.

“When I first told her she asked all the questions being a parent,” says Maylene. “But once my family realized this is what I wanted to do and I was happy with it and was safe, they were all cool with it. The only person that has a problem with it is my older sister. I think it’s because she’s married and has a family now.”

Maylene says her sister tends to dance around the subject of her being in the industry.

“But I could tell that when the subject comes up, she’s standoff-ish,” says Maylene. “So I know that she’s uncomfortable with it. But she never really says anything. She complains to my brother: oh, she’s doing porn! Oh my God. But she would have done it when she was younger. She just didn’t.”

Maylene’s asked if she imagines her mother ever becoming a MILF.

“A lot of people want her to be, but I won’t let her,” she answers. “If she does, I’m going to be so picky- I won’t work with that guy, ever again. I have to choose the guy. It would have to be Randy Spears or someone who’s a good performer because she’s picky too. But I won’t let her do MILF movies. That would be stealing my thunder. I’m the porn star, you’re the stripper. I’m the star in the family. That’s how it goes.”

Maylene says she really has those kinds of conversations with her mother, noting that directors have been all over her mom to do MILF movies.

“I’m like, no, mom. I’m the porn star, not you.”

Maylene says her father’s a bit weirded out only for the fact that younger airmen look up to him and ask him to get her autograph.

“They talk to him about it- he’s like, that’s nice. He’s proud of me, too.”

Maylene’s first time in front of a camera was for Robby D in Digital Playground.

“I worked with Scott Nails and he’s pretty big,” Maylene recalls. “He’s also one of my favorites, too. I was surprised that it took it so well. We did a scene where we were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was very vanilla. I loved it. Afterwards, we went to a Mexican restaurant and they brought me cupcakes for my first scene.”

Maylene’s not ready to do anal yet and she won’t do interracial.

“Not because I’m racist,” she says. “But because I really think that 9 of the 10 guys in the industry who are black, are really big. So I don’t want to put myself into that situation. And I won’t do girls. So that’s kind of refreshing. I like cock.”

Maylene’s having a good time playing roles in soft core flicks. And this isn’t her first time, either.

Me, the cast and crew- we’re like a whole big family,” she says. “We have a lot of fun. This is my fourth lead role. I’ve done quite a bit for Robert Lombard who loves me. I was in Coed Desires where I was a bitchy teenager.” Maylene also appears in a flick titled Cruel Intentions where she got to play a Sarah Michelle Gellar character who is seductive and conniving.

“And I did one called At Your Service where I owned a spa and people had to do whatever I wanted or I fired them. I also did Sex Games and Sex Factor.” Maylene also appears in another movie- she can’t think of the title- where she plays a psychiatrist who would sleep with her clients.

Asked if she was going to be signing a XXX contract, Maylene says, hopefully, if all goes well.

“I’m really excited,” she says. “And that’s what I want- I really want a contract at this point in my life. They’ll promote me and put my name out there and open more doors for me to produce and direct. It’ll help me establish a name where i can go out and do other things.”

Maylene laughs about getting recognized in some of the weirdest places. Most recently, she was approached at a Petco.

“I live in Valencia and you’d think it’s over the hill, no one’s going to know you,” she chuckles. “I was in Petco buying a mouse for my snake. I have a python. Some guy who was there with his wife- he had to be close to 50- he comes over my shoulders, breathing on my neck while I’m looking at the mice. He’s, like, Michelle Maylene, when are you going to do anal? Over my shoulder. I look back at him, like, what? He’s saying he’s a big fan and he’s asking me all these questions. Whenever his wife would go around the corner into a different aisle, he’d sneak over to me with a different question. It’s fun. I love fans. I like getting approached and stuff.”

For now, Maylene’s remaining single.

“Boys are drama,” she laughs. “Derek’s always scared that I’m going to quit the industry and fall in love. I always tell him, Derek, I love you and I’m married to my job so you don’t have to worry about that.”

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