Conversations with Party Pam

Pam Peaks and yours truly had a recent chat about parties. Porn parties. Rumors about them. Bullshit about them. Pam’s been going to a lot of ’em, lately so speaks from some, er, seat of authority. Peaks says she’s staying busy though credits the crappy economy for affecting er, ah, extracurricular activities. “It’s not so great,” said Peaks who’s been to Porn Star Karaoke once but threatens to go again this week. As one reason for not being at Sardos this past week, was the fact that Peaks was at Slain Wayne’s party Sunday and had a 48-hour hangover.

Not exactly her words but the strong implication. “That was actually really good and I ended up dancing naked in this cage,” Peaks said. Her and drinking buddy Vicki Vogue. “Yeah she was the one at karaoke who wanted to fuck tree trunks,” Peaks laughed. “So I didn’t make it over to karaoke-I was still recovering from that.”

Peaks said she got it on good authority that undercover cops were being hired to dog karaoke. “They watch you so that if you drink and get in your car, they pull you right over right outside of the parking lot.” [Actually, one of the female porn stars did get pulled over a couple of weeks ago.]

“So I’ll be taking cabs over there,” Peaks said. Speaking of cops, Peaks said she went to a Jill Kelly party a couple of weeks at Barfly’s. “They had this fashion show- it was really cute- all the Jill Kelly girls were coming out in these outfits. It was great.”

However, according to Peaks, ten L.A. cops walked in, in full battle array. “That place is a pretty good size and there’s nobody there, hardly. These cops come in and I’m thinking- what? There’s a fire hazard? I could understand that if there was a lot of people. But there’s nobody in there and there’s plenty of room for everybody to walk around. They come in and they stand in front of all of us porn stars so we can’t even see the stage.” Peaks said she’s looking at the cops, like, what are you guys doing.

“I’m giving them a look like what is going on. I’m waiting for them to do something. Then I start talking to some other people at the party and they’re like, ‘oh, they’re [the cops] just bored and they’re just here on a Wednesday night trying to get their dicks hard.’ And they’re standing in front of all of us on purpose so we couldn’t even watch the show. I thought that wasn’t appropriate. I’m thinking is there nothing else going on a Wednesday night on the Sunset Strip? Is there no crime and violence going on.

“And they’re in there looking at this fashion show. I couldn’t understand why they were in there. I could understand at Sardos because it’s filled to capacity and that’s a small place.” Peaks figures that maybe the cops were checking for prostitution at the Kelly party.

“I didn’t know if they thought that going on in there or what. But there was hardly any porn people there and hardly any civilians. Everybody that was there was eating dinner. It was really mellow. You wouldn’t have known that there was a party going on. It was that quiet. The cops were there for 25 minutes then bailed. But I didn’t understand the whole thing. Then I haven’t gone to enough porn parties, either, to know if there’s prostitution going on. I know at Sardos they’ve got videotapes of girls giving blowjobs and stuff like that. I know that goes on maybe at some parties but I think they’re doing that before the cops get there.”

I told Peaks if there were any kareokic blowjobs I certainly haven’t seen or received any. “They do video clips on Wankus’s site,” she continued, “and I think they had one showing Rebecca Love a couple of weeks ago giving a guy a blowjob and they made it sound like in the article that it was going on before people were showing up for the party.”


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