Cops Confirm two arrests in the Damien Michaels Murder case But Won’t Name Names

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In a long response to the fact that I re-posted Courtney Conoscenti’s praise of the LAPD, either her or a friend of hers (probably both) writes (abridged version):

Thank you Mr. Hills of Woodland for ruining everything because after I wrote the article I wrote I realized I probably shouldnt have written what I wrote because its probably not supposed to go public yet because if that were the case It would be public RIGHT? You agree with me Girard correct? So if you feel you need to go and call the detectives to see if “this is in fact true” then you go ahead and ruin things but if you really think the police are going to give you any information on Damiens murder investigation at all or case at all your Delusional.You calling to find out info. is just going to cause problems for myself there going to stop giving me information because I made a mistake and opened my mouth too soon and idiouts like YOU have to go and cause havoc by bugging the detectives when there not going to give you any information because your nobody But im sure you already know there not going to update you.So if the detectives stop informing me because you made a phone call You can best bet im going to make a phone call or two. Im asking you to leave well enough alone take my word for it

Regardless, once arrests have been made in a case, at least that part is public record. So I contacted detective Ammon Williams today to ask about the status of the case. He writes:

We have made two arrests in the Conoscenti case with and are looking at additional suspects in the case. Because we have outstanding suspects and our investigation is still pending I can not release any additional information at this time.
Detective Williams

I will agree with one part of Ms. Conoscenti’s January 7th post. The LAPD is indeed doing a fine job on this case. Hopefully they’ll make more arrests and we’ll hear more soon about the events that led up to and culminated in Mr. Conoscenti’s murder. As always, I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

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