‘Cougar’ on the prowl: ‘Playboy’s’ Cindy Margolis hunts for Mr. Right on reality TV

from www.philly.com – CINDY MARGOLIS is at her sexual peak.

Do you know what that means (aside from the fact that search engines will make this a very popular story on philly.com)?

It means that it’s a bad time for Margolis, 44 (looks 34), not to have a man in her life. But it’s a good time for her to star in a dating show in which she searches for Mr. Right.

In “Seducing Cindy” (premiering 9 p.m. Saturday on Fox Reality, with a preview Thursday on AOL TV), Playboy’s recently-named “Ultimate Cougar,” will fend off 24 lucky gentlemen, ages 18 to 71.

We spoke with Margolis by phone from Los Angeles, where it was chilly and rainy and she had to mention that she was curled up by the fireplace.

Q: So how did “Seducing Cindy” happen?
It came about because I am newly single. And I haven’t been single since high school, and it’s not as easy as people think. People think there’s a line outside my door but . . . So I wanted to get back out there and wasn’t able to. I was sitting at home on Saturday nights and waiting for someone to come sweep me off my feet but he never came so I got together with Andrew Glassman, who’s an amazing producer, and Lance Klein at Endeavour, and we began to talk about how dating shows are so popular but one hasn’t been done with someone like me or my genre or age, where it could be such an interesting mixture of great and crazy and wonderful men.

There are so many single women in the same place I am and I just thought it would be a great, fun experience and I’d never done anything like it before. So I thought why not have my first time on a date be on television. My whole life’s been on television. I’ve gone through in vitro on television, my giving birth to my three precious children on television, being a pioneer on the Internet. Since everything has been kind of documented anyway, why not have my love life.

Q: JDate wasn’t working for you?
I did find a handful of really great men on the Internet, but I never went on as myself. So I would get to know them better and then it came time for the official date, after you go through all the talking and e-mails and courting . . . but once I told them who I was they immediately changed on me.

Q:So it went from Mr. Wonderful to Mr.-Hello-Are-You-There?
I wanted someone to love me for me. I get the whole Cindy Margolis thing, but that is a complete fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to be her – I’d love to be her – she’s great and she’s cool, but that’s not my real life.

Q: How do you feel about the term “Cougar”?
I hated it at first but I actually think that it’s a compliment and it’s empowering. It means you have self-confidence and you’re smart and ambitious and independent. Before I used to say, ‘Call me a MILF. I’d rather be a MILF than a cougar.’

But now I feel it means I know what I want and I’m not interested in the game-playing and I am what I am and I don’t have to put up with any b——.

Q: Is that why you did Playboy when you turned 40?
Mr. Hefner’s been wonderful to me over the years and called me every year to do Playboy and I graciously turned him down . . . I was proud to be the Queen of the Internet while keeping my clothes on . . . But when he called me on my 40th birthday to wish me happy birthday and offered it to me again, I was like, ‘They still want me?’ To do it at 40 was to show that sexy is forever. Sexy is ageless.

Let’s give those 20-year-olds a run for their money. . . . Sophia Loren posed nude at 72 and was drop-dead gorgeous.

Q: So physically, how do you keep it together?
I admit that I may be some type of metabolic freak because I don’t work out. My workout is the [three] kids and living in a place that has stairs. If I called my best friend and said I’m at the gym, she would drop dead. The body thing has been very lucky because I’ve had the same body practically since sixth grade – I was the first person to wear a bra in my school – and got told ‘She has to cover those things up.’

Also Botox – got to get in there every eight months. I’ve never been a sun worshipper. I’m all about tanning sprays. And makeup, God bless it. If you saw me now in my sweats with zit medicine, I don’t know how you’d feel.

Q: What do you look for in a man?
Someone who is confident but not too cocky – I can’t share the mirror. I have issues with trust so someone who is loyal and makes me smile . . . in more ways than one.

Q: Were you involved in the audition process for “Seducing Cindy” and the picking of your possible suitors?
I wish. I wasn’t involved in the process at all. But I can’t say I’m the best judge of character. I was in two long-term relationships and then they . . . ended, so I was open for anything and everything – just throw it at me – and that’s exactly what they did.

It was definitely a life experience. I’ve been in this business since I was 18 and blessed that someone would still want to do a TV show with me, but there’s nothing that ever could have prepared me for that. There’s nothing like reality television and dating on reality television. You’re in this bubble and it’s indescribable.

We shot for six weeks and it felt like six months. Being put in that environment is like rocket speed.

Q: So would you recommend it as a way to meet men?
I would if you’re the person they’re focused on. Every person in the world should feel what it feels like to have 24 people want you.

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