Countdown to Condoms: How Come James Lee Didn’t Hit Stuart Lawley Up for Half-a-Mil?

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“Yes” or “No” on Measure B? Come Wednesday, November 7, one thing’s for certain. James Lee will be leaving on a jet plane. Either figuratively or literally.

Because, regardless of his affiliations and team play right now, Lee’s a PR gigolo. He’ll love you, and then he’ll leave you.

Lee in person even looks like a gigolo, granted a huge gigolo. A handsome guy with a smooth plantation owner manner and Jimmy Johnson hair, Lee’s your typical danceaway lover. [The polite term used by sociologists to describe a gigolo].

I don’t know how long Lee’s “contract” is with the Free Speech Coalition, but guys like Lee work on the installment plan. And once that installment’s up, like the wolf in the singles bar he’s off and running to his next conquest.

There’ll be new elections and new campaigns, and as long as the check’s good, Lee will be on your side. Because that’s what he does.

And that’s one of the things that’s bothered me about Lee. Politically, he’s always been on the side of the side that’s been trying to shut the adult business down. Granted, he’s good, but this “No” on government waste issue is fence straddling and transparent. There’s no “heat” to it, and no passion, like someone’s heart really isn’t in what they’re saying. Yeah, it was a real good idea hiring a Bush Republican.

Then a couple of weeks ago at The Sportsmen’s Lodge, Lee, like a revivalist, got the adult industry all jacked up to start writing $5,000 checks. I hear Lee put the fear of God into people. Trouble with that, is, the Free Speech Coalition’s put the fear of God into the same people over and over again, and the same people keep writing checks. It’s time to mine new ore fields.

The late Buck Adams was always able to find a new doctor or dentist to invest in a porn movie, how come the Free Speech Coalition doesn’t find new check book owners? Even a dumb farmer knows to rotate his crops.

However, here’s where Lee really made his blunder. Part of his campaign should have been aimed at Stuart Lawley. Lawley has made millions off the back of porn with his highly controversial .XXX domains.

Did Lee approach him? I bet not. I would have challenged Lawley in public and shamed Stu into writing a handsome check. A handsome Jimmy Lee check for half a million or since since Lee said that he needed $600K, give or take. Want passion? Had Lawley been put to the test and failed, well, that tete a tete would have had some lively repercussions.

Today, we have a story where actress Kira Reed has held a fund raiser for Jackie Lacey the Democratic candidate for District Attorney in Los Angeles.

This story’s loaded with potential because Lacey would be one of those instrumental in prosecuting porn if Measure B passes, and Reed, herself, has starred in a slew of Skinemax movies.

Reed from what I gather is married to a Mr. Money Bags, so my question is, has anyone from Free Speech even talked to Reed about displaying similar generosity to a worthy cause – considering that Reed has taken her clothes off on more than one occasion for the sake of art.

But you already know the answer to that, which means Free Speech has to start coming up with real ideas for a change, though they won’t be coming from Mr. Lee after November 6th.

He’ll be in the first class section of that jet plane, and the adult business will be left holding the bag. Or the condom. That’s if Measure B passes.

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