Craig Valentine: “Content Bandit [aka Mallcom] Lives Up To Their Name”

Craig Valentine as “Iaminporn” posted this on : Well who knows content bandit ? Well i seem to i found they had my titles jan of this year i sent tons of email to try and find out how they did, about my we fianlly listed titles with them, about 2 months ago i get word from MovieBox that they dont want to buy some of my titles they own them already “huh” they bought them from content bandit march of this year.

I speak to Jay from content bandit today aparently my Old Distributor 1stStrike gave them the titles to sell AFTER we ended our distro agreement almost 2 years ago and AFTER i got a judgment aganst “i cant collect on” in march of 08 not 2009 but 2008, I am awaiting the records from content bandit monday i dont expect them but Jay said he is NOT payin me they say they paid the people who gave them the titles, As i informed him again I AM THE OWNER if they lied go after them as mike south pointed out this is a clear case of copyright violation lets see if they pay or if MALLCOM aka CONTENT BANDIT wants to play games…..i would like opinions on this

> Workzilla adds: Why anyone would use the bottom-of-the-barrel content people like CB is beyond me. Look at their studios, it’s like a Who’s That of the crappiest content ever produced. Anyone that BOASTS they have Don Goo, Futureworks and DNA has got to be mental. I’d rather watch my grandparents fuck than 99% of the studios on that list.

Garbage in, garbage out. Same goes for World Wide Content, same junk studios. These aren’t content resellers, they are Waste Disposal Units.

> Gonzo adds: I know they [World Wide Content] arent very good thieves.

Ask Victoria Givens about how Raffi tried to sell their site to platinum bucks several years back.

And you buy content from this cocksucker?

Hes not even a good thief!

> Valentine replies: Bill givens bitches about that all the time, but the guy is Jay at content bandit his brother is the owner aka MallCom they are trying the im from New York bullshit, fuck them so am i i head now Sean from Necatr/!ststrike is in san deigo tryin to be a politician and dont want us porn people contacting him…this fucker rooked the porn biz out of millions

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