Creedence And Bishop Show- The Lisa Ann Interview/Incident

North Carolina- from – We just don’t know what to say about this one. The guys from the Creedence and Bishop Show have Adult Legend Lisa Ann on the line and things just get weird and then they turn bad… You have to hear what happened.

From the Creedence and Bishop Show- Lisa Ann from the “Your’e Nailin’ Palin” from Hustler Video. She starts off the interview good, but when we asked her how she get into the business, she says ” what is the deal with these lame questions?”

Well so then Bishop asked her if the ad on while he was in Las Vegas that said it was Lisa Ann was really her?

She says it was not her that people steal her image for these websites and that one year she spent “15 grand” fighting people who stole her image.

Lisa Ann discusses that she works for a lot of company’s, then Bishop asked the question if it is better from a business stand point to be a independent or be a contract girl?

Well Lisa Ann flys off the deep end once we bring up money… An interview that can’t be missed

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