Cripple Dan Update from 2014 AVN Vegas Day Two

The 2nd day at AEE 2014 showed more promise, but in the end it was lacking compared to previous years.  I try and try to find the overall situation greater than past years, but I’m coming short. 

It seems as though no one cares anymore and it is a matter of “Let’s do this and get it over with”. The talent being featured is doing a great job. They aren’t lacking in any way. They are giving their all to the fans and industry members that show up.  If I were a company having girls signing I would have stepped up my game to make my company the most noticed company out there.  I’m shocked that haven’t seen this happen because outshining another company would be easy at this point.

Digital Playground and Wicked have stepped down the most because after the “Fan Fest” opening for the first day today I learned that Wicked has zero presence there unlike previous years and as of now if you aren’t industry then you don’t meet them.  Kinda fucked, eh?  I only met Asa Akira because she was at the Elegant Angel stage.  She was extremely kind as always. 

Elegant Angel is using the same stage that they have used for previous years, but it is in the corner opposite of what the Wicked stage was and it is lacking the great Jimmy Orlando and is now located in The Joint which is where the “Fan Fest” is held.

There are a lot of girls in the “Fan Fest” charging for autographs.  That means fans are paying for entrance and paying for autographs.  However, a lot of
the girls signing neglected to put up signs informing people that they are charging which I find to be troublesome.

If I ask you for an autograph, you sign it, and then ask me for money then I’m going to tell you “No thank you” so you had better have a sign up there or else you are going to be wasting a full-color print out of you made out to some crippled-fuck named “Dan”.

My message to the talent is if you are charging for autographs then place a sign so I can easily navigate around you.  Jynx Maze was charging 20 dollars for an autograph and a photo in the Fan Fest area. I’m almost positive she is signing 2 rows up later in the day at the AEBN area for free.  Something doesn’t seem right with that. 

In two days up until 3pm we were unable to get a solid schedule for the girls signing for Digital Playground.  We were told it was press-only until 1:45 today and all of yesterday and at 1:45 today it was still press-only so as someone that is currently selling their entire DVD line I feel shafted.

I’m selling your product.  I want to meet you and get an autograph as well as thank you.  Your sex on film has made me money.  Thanking you personally makes me feel better about the overall situation.  It makes me feel less guilty.  The only autographs I obtained were made possible by my manipulative girlfriend. “Industry-only” apparently means nothing when it comes to Manwin.

However, there was one amazing instance that I witnessed.  Tori Black was signing for and some guy came up with a “phonebook” for her to sign (A large number of autographs that resembles many pages) He paid her more than 60 dollars for them and offered her more and she denied it.  I encounter many people each year and to see someone turn down money that hasn’t shot a scene for a long time made me smile.  To actually see someone offer money was great and for Tori Black to say it was all cool was an even greater moment. 

Rob Black sez: Pretty good recap, Dan. Only issue I have is your statement that the talent “aren’t lacking in any way.” Have looked at the beasts in the AVN photo galleries on Either I need my eyes checked or you do.

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