Cripple Dan Update from 2014 AVN Vegas

Cripple Dan sends us a big shout out from Vegas at the AVN show and here’s his first report.

“Wondering if the porn performers came in on the same plane or if they chartered a plane, because they all arrived at the same time. I will always have a special place in my heart for the Sands, but The Hard Rock serves drinks must faster than The Venetian. I am already shitfaced and have spent the last hour speaking my girlfriend’s college paper into her iPhone 5. I still think cellphones are gay, though.”

“Across from The Pink Taco, I have my very own crippled bathroom. iPhone detected my speech of cripple as purple, so that means it’s gay. My bathroom is huge. I can comfortably fit 4 BBW’s and a deli tray, along with a camera and tripod.”

“This year at the registration, the people for the most part know how to use the equipment. They did forget to give us a wristband, though. They’re running on half mongoloid this year which is an improvement. I think I saw Mike Kulich. I was going to introduce myself, but his demeanor instantly changed, causing me to refrain from doing so. Rob, are you cool with that dude or no? Is he going to hate me from association right off the bat? Let me know this shit. Maybe he just doesn’t like cripples. I don’t blame the guy.”


Cripple Dan

Cripple Dan. Yeah, Mike Kulich definitely doesn’t like us because I call him a bitch punk. So you might have to be clued in that he listens to the show, I know he does on a regular basis and I’m definitely sure he knows who Cripple Dan is. And if he sees you and your badge says actually says Cripple Dan, he for sure 100% knows that you’re the same Cripple Dan that Rob Black talks about on his show. So yes, he probably won’t like you that much because you are part of The Rob Black Show.

So there is your information about Mike Kulich. He’s definitely not someone who likes The Rob Black Show.

That is your Cripple Dan update. I’m sure he’ll be checking in from time to time.

That’s it. There’s your porn industry. That’s all we got so far.

Today the AVN show starts which is fucking garbage for a bunch of fucking losers who will be running around looking like assfucks. At the end of the day everybody is going up there, pissing all their money away.

The great thing about the AVN show is everybody starts out all happy and go lucky. Then about midnight after the awards show, they realize that they just spent four days burning through all of their money, snorting blow, now they got no work and no money. They got nothing. Not even a piece of shitty plastic from AVN to take home.

So everyday we’re gonna laugh and laugh and laugh.

If you see Cripple Dan, give him a big, WASSUUUUUUP from Rob Black.

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