Crossover Connection to HIV Report May Bite Diane Duke and Free Speech Right in the Ass

This afternoon confirmed that a male gay porn performer has tested positive for HIV. According to the website, the positive results came back after routine testing for a scheduled shoot with

This is a very significant piece of information and one which Diane Duke and APHSS are going to have trouble explaining because has all kinds of crossover connections.

Remember, weeks ago, Rob Black reported that the crossover element especially involving Rocco Reed [pictured] was porn’s biggest and dirtiest secret. This is now the story blowing at full hurricane force. Reed, by the way, retired from porn the day after Black broke the story.

Reports today: Given that’s shoots are condom-only, it’s highly unlikely that the performer contracted HIV while on set. Also, the performer is said to have worked “exclusively” in condom-only productions.

When reached for comment, Free Speech Coalition’s Diane Duke confirmed the single case of HIV:

An adult performer has tested positive for HIV. This performer worked exclusively on condom only sets. As a precautionary measure, APHSS is providing retests for the small number of performers with which the infected individual had performed. All retests have come back negative and there is no indication that any transmission—including that of the positive performer—happened on set.

Duke would not confirm or deny where the performer had worked (or even his gender), but The Sword can confirm that multiple models working for (including one exclusive) have been contacted by APHSS and have been asked to come in for a retest. So far, no other results have come back positive.

I was on Black’s show Friday afternoon and we talked, about those late-breaking developments.

Black had a theory that Duke broke the story on a Friday which would give her and Free Speech the weekend to come up with a game plan. This connection changes all of that.

“This goes back to Rocco Reed,” said Black.

“ is the company Rocco Reed got his contract deal from.

“This company has ties to straight performers. Let me explain the connection. There is a woman named Laura D. She is the one who bought Sasha’s studio at Remmit and her main revenue stream is that she is the production shooter, coordinator; she’s the head white lady in charge at

“That is the company that paid Rocco Reed $50,000 or whatever it was to have him in gay work. But here’s the best one – Laura D’s boyfriend was Ryan Driller [another crossover performer]. He was a performer. All this was directed by Laura D.

“And what does our business say? We have no ties to the gay side? Here’s my question – if this was the straight side, you would have four or five people right now being re-tested because they were VERY in contact with somebody with HIV that wasn’t wearing a condom.

“Now this HIV thing came out of and the content is shot by Laura D. Laura D. is a fag hag. That is what we call a fag hag – a woman who has boyfriends that are gay. So she is the ex girlfriend of Ryan Driller who’s the main contract guy of Derek Hay and LA Direct Models.

“Now we have an HIV case that broke out on the set of which is produced, directed and shot by Laura D. who is paying gay men talent and putting them in the straight side. Or, she’s taking straight talent and putting them in the gay side.

“Either way, you have an HIV case that started there that has connections to the straight side and LA Direct. So am I a conspiracy theorist or am I speaking the truth?”


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