Crossover Performer Charged with Murder

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from – John Snavely, better known to gay porn aficionados as Josh(ua) Logan or straight porn pervs as (Johnny) Champ, was charged with the 2010 stabbing death of one Sam Del Brocco on Thursday in Pompano Beach, FL.

Snavely, 26, is currently being held in jail in St. Lucie County for violating his probation. In addition, he’s been charged with the second degree murder of Del Brocco. Broward Sheriff investigators found physical evidence linking Snavely to the murder in the victim’s home and car, indicating a violent struggle.

“To realize that the whole fight may have taken place on three different floors, it’s a horrific thing,” Greg Czarnecki, a friend of Del Brocco, told CBS Miami. ”Someone was bound and determined that they were not going to leave until Sam was dead.”

Authorities are still searching for a motive, though they believe Snavely may have stabbed Del Brocco over money. Though he was married for over 30 years to his wife Jan Shaffer, detectives discovered that Del Brocco possibly led a secret life while out of town in his role as president and ceo of PCI Communications in Washington, D.C., as well as at his beach condo in Pompano Beach.

Hours before he was murdered on September 11, 2010, investigators believe Del Brocco stopped in at one or two gay bars, where he may have picked up Snavely. Del Brocco’s bloody corpse was found a day later in his condo’s master bedroom.

It sounds as if everyone’s soft-shoeing around the idea that this Sam Del Brocco picked up this John Snavely, aka Josh Logan aka Johnny Champ for, ostensibly, some gay shit, and Snavely cum Logan cum Champ — after leaving his “physical evidence” all over the place — killed Del Brocco for stiffing him. But that is, of course, speculation, so we’re moving on.

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Snavely was part of the Jet Set stable of men as Josh Logan, though he moonlighted in straight porn and as an exotic dancer, particularly for the notorious lady jizzfests, Dancing Bear. Meanwhile, an astute reader pointed out to us that ran a story on Snavely shortly after the murder, discussing his criminal record:

…famous forgy pornstar who also does straight porn to try and cover his forgy tracks. He is a felon who actually lives in San Antonio and is on probation but flies into miami to film his porn on a weekly. He would be in jail in a heartbeat if they knew this. Also he is a woman harasser and beater…this guy thinks he is god’s gift to women and treats them like sh*t when he gets dissed by them, he acts like a complete psycho. He also recently filmed a porn called the “Jersey Score” where he played Ronnie..lmao. this loser needs to be humiliated and sent back to texas where he belongs…not miami..where he is going to eventually hit a girl. I wonder what his parents and family are going to think about this?

They probably think now that the gay porn past was the least of his troubles. Then again, he is from Texas.

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