Crown Model Management Says I’m Bashing ‘Em; But They Have Eliminated the “Audition” Req

Let’s see if I can recall anything “I said” about Crown Model Management that isn’t said on their website, you know, that thing about requiring models to fuck as an audition.

Denise Rosen from Crown Model writes me: We were disappointed to see that you have started bashing our Company on your website without first trying to find out what we actually do. Crown Model Management is a good Company that takes care of our XXX models perhaps better than any other agent or manager in the entire adult film business, and definitely better than some of the older agencies whose extent of their “representation” of models does not go far beyond simply posting their photo on a website.

We regularly pay for professional photos, transportation and AIM tests for our models, and take them around on go-sees (visits to well known production companies) to help them gain exposure. The testimonials of models on our website are actual unaltered written testimonials. Everything stated on our website is true, including the fact that AIM supports us as one of the reputable agents or managers in the business and the fact that we are a registered talent manager (not agent, but manager) in the State of CA.

Would you write an article degrading the Bloc dance agency for asking applicants with their agency to do a try-out, a little dance, to make sure that their Company keeps a good reputation with the companies booking their clients? The audition “requirement” is simply mentioned on the application to weed out the “serious from the curious” applicants, and has since been removed due to the negative press about it – published by you. (Not everyone is cut out to actually do porn, you know.)

Also, Gene, what’s worse? A management Company that would try to find out if a new applicant can actually do porn before taking her around to the big production companies, or a production company that will not pay a girl more than $100 a scene, like one of the guys you have advertised on your own website?

It’s not right for you to come out of nowhere and publish criminal accusations of an Organization that you know nothing about.

We are not a bad Company; on the contrary we are a good Organization that takes great care of our clients and there are many adult film production Companies that have booked our models. In the name of decency we ask you to please remove any information about our Company from your blogs, twitter & other websites that you control. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Denise Rosen

Recruiting Manager

Crown Model Management

Gene replies: What “criminal” accusations might you be talking about by the way? I’ve only quoted from your own website. On another more grievous issue, someone claiming to be from your company called my house Monday night -twice- and threatened me on voice mail. Really dumb since I have the copies. I think the cops call that “terroristic”. Aside from that, you might preach your gospel to someone who’s buying. In all my years in the business, Regan Senter ran the only agency to require a “compliance” video. A girl doesn’t have to “prove” she can screw in order to make a good living at it. Ask any hooker.

BTW, any negative comments being posted about your company have been on the GFY forum, so try writing them the same letter and let the webmasters in the business have a field day with you.

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