CutestGirls – Another Sexy App Makes the Cut, Gets Nod from iPhone App Store

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – If you follow iPhone related news at all, you’ve heard the grumblings from app developers about the curious and arcane review and approval process employed by the Apple’s App Store, particularly in relation to iPhone and iPod apps based on adult materials. Applications that make fart sounds or promote baby shaking seem to cruise by, but develop an app that displays partially bare female breasts? Hit the bricks bucko; you can’t sell that here. So you have to credit the developers of the “Cutest Girls” app for sticking with it.

The “Cutest Girls” app has nary a nipple to be found among the pictures and videos but the app’s developers say it was an adventure to gain approval nonetheless.

“It was a long and at times frustrating process, but in the end we’re glad to have gone through it,” said Liam Colins, New Business Director for Nucato, the development firm behind the Cutest Girls app. “We’ve received great user feedback on the app so far, and we learned a lot about what the App Store reviewers are looking for, and what triggers rejection of adult-related apps.”

The result of the back and forth, is a collection of what Colins describes as “lingerie catalogue or swimsuit competition-level erotica.” Colins said that the company’s initial submission was slightly more explicit, but apparently no detail is so minute as to escape the eagle eye of the App Store’s reviewers.

“A lot of the source content that Cutest Girls was built on is substantially more explicit than what was eventually included in the app, so a big part of the process was closely looking at the images to ensure that they approached the edge of eroticism, but never jumped off the cliff,” Colins said. “As you can imagine, it was an excruciating process for our developers to be forced to look at images of beautiful, half-naked women for hours on end, but somehow they managed to survive intact.”

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