Cutting Edge Testing to Cameron Bay: Go Talk to Jenny

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Manwin-owned Cutting Edge Testing is bitching and moaning that talent agents are telling performers not to test with them.

Cameron Boy who learned of her HIV condition from Cutting Edge begins her treatments tomorrow, happy to say, but Cutting Edge has yet to give Cameron Bay her medical records.

Diane Duke and Free Speech have ’em. Even John Stagliano, of all people, has ’em. But when Cameron Bay asked Dr. Peter Miao for them she was told to “Go talk to Jenny.” [The receptionist]

Wow, that’s pretty cold, and indicative of how you’ll be treated in the adult business if you ever test positive for HIV. You’ll be tossed out like garbage. Ask Darren James.

Rob Black, who’s been in daily contact with Bay, pointed out on his show today that Dr. Miao didn’t have the common courtesy to give Cameron Bay her test records.

“He told her to get them from Jenny [the girl at the front desk],” said Black.

“But John Stagliano and the entire Manwin-owned talent testing facility PASS knew her information before she did.”

Even Stagliano stated he was shocked that Miao gave him the records.

“The CET doctor broke the law,” Black said.

“Cameron Bay did not get her test results, and didn’t know what they were, but the entire Free Speech Coalition did. Do you realize as of today Cameron Bay still has not received her lab reports from Free Speech and PASS? She calls for her records and the doctor tells her she’s going to have to call the front desk and have the secretary mail them.

“John Stagliano knew about her viral load because the doctor told him, and doctors aren’t supposed to give that information. How are they going to contain this calamity? Cameron Bay never got her results! She got nothing. The doctor disclosed all her information to John Stagliano which is illegal.”


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