is dead and some people aren’t happy about it

Well, well, well, months after the tranny fucker warning site closed due to not being able to handle all the traffic it was getting, the tf forum trolls still haven’t found a home and continue to search for any forum they can find to disrupt. In this case, they try to take advantage of this site’s semi-open posting policy by trolling with anti-straight comments. We don’t think this is Eddie Dzial but these fags should get the Dzial treatment and get edited or deleted before they muck up the comments section with their pro-gay, anti-straight rhetoric. Remember, these homosexuals are the ones that protected Christian by taking that forum off topic and attacking the good guys. They are still too inept to start their own forum and get their own traffic and they’re still butt hurt about having wikis and being shut down at PWL with its registered posting only policy. Boo fucken hoo.



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