CWIANS.COM Trolls Still Attacking The Good Guys!

Monica Foster was a notorious troll on the now defunct Trannyfucker forum and one of a handful of walking piece of shit rejects that turned an anti-Trannyfucker site and one of the earliest versions of Porn Wiki Leaks into an embarrassing Gay Mafia fagfest that was overrun by trolls, losers, drug addicts, hookers and whores until the shithole was mercifully brought to its knees and put down like a sick animal. RIP to a ONCE great forum that was wrecked by scumbags.


Well she, and possibly other scum from that site are still bitter, bored, lifeless and undersexed and they’re now taking their frustrations out on Twitter against the good guys of this site and PWL – With a twist. They’re too cowardly to do it under their primary accounts and so they do it as Twitter Eggs. When they get blocked or we protect our Tweets (Just as they have done in the past), they call US cowards. Remember, Monica Foster has absolutely NOTHING that could be mistaken for any type of life and nothing but endless amounts of time on her hands that she loves to spend alone, reporting old tweets (As old as a year or more) in a desperate attempt to get accounts suspended. Many of us hate this whore and would love for her to go away for good, but I would be willing to bet not a single one of us has ever gone as far back as 6 months or a year to report one of her vile, disgusting tweets in an attempt to get her kicked off. Please do yourself a favor and get a fucking life, get laid or something. Your obsession is creepy.


And so my advice to the good guys: Keep blogging and keep exposing these trash for what they are. You are doing good work which is why they need to use alternate accounts to attack you. They’re gutless cowards that will not attack you with their primary accounts for fear of getting their only social outlet suspended or banned – And in the case of Monica Foster that costs her money since she bought nearly all 13,000 of her followers and couldn’t afford to buy more if her account was suspended. She can’t even muster up more than 100 followers on her Alexandra Mayers account. On another note, Foster may be teamed up with other bitter trannyfucker forum rejects on this crusade. Be careful out there.

7 Mar 1998: Outfielder Lenny Dykstra of the Philadelphia Phillies in action during a spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds at the Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport

We’re going to go ahead and recommend that you all temporarily protect your tweets until you clean up any references to these trash that may be reportable and get you suspended. Remember – Staying an active member of Twitter in good standing infuriates these people because they know you have the goods on them and will expose it. Many of you have thousands of followers while in Foster’s case, her supporters may have 100 followers COMBINED. Keep speaking the truth about these pieces of garbage but keep it factual and to the point and do not use any of their copyrighted material that may get taken down. Remember, Twitter leans heavily to the left and is based in the homosexual capital of California. The Gay Mafia has Twitter on their side and we are fighting an uphill battle. Don’t do anything careless.


To the Trannyfucker forum failures: Just know that we know who you are and that you can’t hide your writing style or your bitterness. The bitterness is palpable. Keep hiding in the shadows and attacking the good guys. We know you will only come out when the lights are off and when the lights do come on, you scurry away like the roaches that you are. We see you and we are still laughing and blogging about you and will do so until we no longer feel like it and you can’t do a damn thing to stop us. Shoot us? You wouldn’t dare come out unless the lights were turned out. 🙂


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