Dad Says Ron Jeremy is In a “Holding Pattern”

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from Porn icon Ron Jeremy will remain on a respirator the next few days as doctors assess his recovery from heart-related surgery, a family member told the Daily News Thursday.

“Right now everything is in a holding pattern,” Jeremy’s 94-year-old dad Arnold Hyatt said. “He’s heavily sedated and intubated. The doctors are waiting to see what develops. They anticipate it will be two or three days before they take him off the respirator.”

The legendary lothario, 59, drove himself to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center near Beverly Hills around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday after experiencing chest pain, his manager previously told The News.

Doctors found an aneurysm near his heart and rushed him into the first of two surgeries.

“It was an eight hour procedure to begin with, and then there was some bleeding around his valves, so they had to go in for a second time to stop the bleeding,” Hyatt explained.

“He has a lot of friends and his brother close by. There are a lot of people praying,” the distressed dad said from his home in Tennessee.

Born Ron Jeremy Hyatt, the Queens native and his prolific penis have starred in more than 1,700 porn flicks over three decades, according to his website.

His titles include “Alien Babes in Heat,” “Humpkin Pie” and “Generally Horny Hospital.”

The coitus king was ranked No. 1 on AVN Magazine’s “100 Top Porn Stars of All Time” and boasts that he’s remained STD free since quitting a teaching job in New York to start his film career.

“I attribute that to great parents,” he previously told The News. “It’s good genes and being very careful.”

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