Daily Mail Covers Parts of the Richard Nanula Story the LA Times Conveniently Left Out

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I don’t know why the LA Times did the half ass job they did but they did it: www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59697

from www.dailymail.co.uk – A former Hollywood executive who quit his job in July after stills from a sex tape he allegedly starred in showed up on the internet is in the spotlight again after two more porn actresses claimed they were paid to perform with him in adult movies.

Richard Nanula’s alleged porn-scandal began when adult film actress Samantha Saint claimed she was booked for a job at a gated Malibu estate by Nanula, who co-starred and filmed the movie in which he asked to be called ‘Mr Rich.’

But since those career-destroying images appeared on website TheDirty.com, it has been alleged the X-rated shoot wasn’t a one-off but a popular past time for the 53-year-old.

Nanula, a Harvard MBA who was an executive at Disney and most recently chairman at Miramax, allegedly hired porn-stars Sarah Shevon and Penny Pax to perform with or for him.

A friend of the showbiz hotshot told The New York Post: ‘Now he’s out of work, and his reputation is ruined.’

The newspaper quotes another source as saying: ‘Everyone in Hollywood is gossiping about how long Nanula has been up to this.’

Saint claims she was paid $1,200 cash to star in the video and was told it would appear on fellow actress Trinity St. Clair’s website.

She added, according to The Post, that the cash was in a Colony Capital envelope, the parent company of Miramax.

The divorced father-of-three was accused by his ex-wife Tracey Nanula in 2005 divorce papers of spending thousands on prostitutes and was treated for sex addiction.

Neither he nor his representatives have publicly denied he was the man in the pictures that appeared online.

Sarah Shevon said her agent arranged the $300 sex scene, in which the actress was dressed in a schoolgirl-style skirt and white blouse knotted at her midriff, in April last year.

She said when the pornographic pictures allegedly showing Nanula emerged this summer, she recognized the man as ‘Mr Rich’, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Nanula resigned in the wake of the dirty stills emerging online. He was also reportedly embroiled in a work-related sexual harassment suit.

Nanula held top positions at Disney, biotech juggernaut Amgen and was chairman of the board of Miramax.

Shevon claims the job she was booked for was what is known in the industry as a ‘private’ – an encounter between a porn star and a paying customer – and that it was filmed so it would not be seen as a criminal act of prostitution.

She told the Los Angeles Times she never saw the finished video and did not know whether it was posted on the website it was allegedly for.

‘I don’t like how there are these guys who have a lot of money and power and they feel like they can just take advantage of girls or get whatever they want out of them by throwing money at them,’ she said.

The 29-year-old said her co-star was a well dressed man who filmed the scene as well as taking part in it. She added it was clear he was not a porn pro.

She added that fellow actress Trinity St Clair had asked her to perform a private in a Malibu home two years ago, where she would be expected to perform oral sex, for $1,500.

However, last year, her agent Mark Spiegler approached her with another offer in Malibu, allegedly for a film on St Clair’s website.

St. Clair has declined to comment repeatedly, through her publicist, James Bartholet, according to a news agency.

Dan Miller, executive managing editor of a porn industry trade magazine, told the Los Angeles Times that taping the encounter might have been seen as a way to avoid breaking the law.

‘The thinking would seem to be, “OK, there is a camera there, it’s a shoot”,’ he said.

Spiegler claimed that after Shevon’s scene, St Clair booked two more of his clients for night shoots in Malibu with an actor allegedly identified as Richard.

Because he did not know the actor, and said porn films are not typically shot at night, Spiegler asked to meet ‘Richard.’

He told the Los Angeles Times he believes the man he met in June 2012 was Nanula, adding: ‘He didn’t seem like a professional porn person.’

After meeting the alleged actor, Spiegler cancelled the shoot, adding that the man’s medical tests, which he reviewed, had come from a private doctor rather than the usual clinics porn actors go to.

Thomas J. Barrack Jr, the billionaire founder of Colony who is now chairman of Miramax, declined to discuss Nanula’s resignation.

‘This is a personal matter for Richard and unrelated to Miramax,’ he said in July. ‘Richard did an excellent job at managing his business duties.’

Variety had reported on June 26 that website theDirty.com had published photos it claimed showed Nanula engaged in sex acts with a porn star.
Cured? Nanula, 2nd from right in 1997, reportedly entered a 6-day sex addiction rehab ten years ago that, he claimed in his divorce, had cured him

Sources for Variety said the photos were the reason for the leave of absence Nanula recently took from Miramax and Colony Capital, which owns a large stake in the entertainment group.

One of Colony Capital’s largest investors, is Qatar Holding, the sovereign wealth fund of a conservative Muslim country.

‘Richard Nanula has taken a leave of absence from Colony and Miramax for personal reasons,’ Lisa Baker, a publicist with Owen Blicksilver PR, which reps Colony, told Variety.

Earlier, the New York Post reported a sexual harassment suit may be an additional reason for Nanula’s leave of absence.

‘Based on our investigation,’ a Colony rep told Page Six, ‘these matters are personal to Mr. Nanula, and it would not be appropriate to comment further at this time.’

The harassment suit centers on a paralegal at Colony named Stephanie Shaw, who claims Nanula groped her buttocks in an ‘unwelcome, extreme, and offensive’ way back in early 2012 and filed suit in a Los Angeles court.
Accused: A paralegal at Colony Capital, which has a major stake in Miramax, has filed a sexual harassment suit against Nanula claiming he groped her buttocks and that she was subsequently fired.

Shaw, who was fired after less than a year with the company, is also alleging wrongful termination, among other wrongdoings. The court documents can be read in their entirety, here.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first bit of funny business the executive has been accused of.

Back in 2005, Nanula’s then-wife Tracey filed for divorce. According to court papers, Tracey claimed she had found that Nanula had spent as much as $10,000 on prostitutes and traced his infidelities back to 2001.

Tracey also indicated in her filing that Nanula had, at one time, completed a six-day rehab stint for sex addiction that he subsequently claimed had cured him.

Tracey Nanula would not comment on the case.

MailOnline had reached out to Miramax and Colony Capital, though neither had responded at the time of publication.


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