Daisy Duxe Talks to PumpsMag About Stripperpalooza, Her Favorite Club To Perform At And More……

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from www.pumpsmag.com – Word of mouth is a funny thing, and normally when your sources are good you get great information. We heard about this southern bell Daisy Duxe and for some reason couldn’t escape the name, she popped up whenever we heard about a hot entertainer, a hard worker and a lady that is part of a wave where entertainers are so business savvy, yep that’s Daisy!

We had to get in contact with her after our buddy Jim from Dancerdetails.com mentioned her too. I recall it like yesterday, Jim said “we went to see her when she came to the Hiliter in Pheonix and her show was totally hot!”. That was all the confirmation needed, next thing you know we’re communicating with Daisy and she is nothing less then full of excitement.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Daisy is a southern girl who loves it so much that she relocated directly to another southern State, Georgia. She’s come so far that she is even the national spokesmodel for www.beamonstar.com. Read below to learn more about the girl who calls herself a “jeans and tank-top, silly, down-to-earth girl”.


PUMPSmag.com (PM): Where are you originally from?
Daisy Duxe (DD): I was born in Jacksonville, FL. I spent age 12 until about 20 in Tallahassee, FL and now I live in Valdosta, GA which I affectionately refer to as Valdookie!

PM: What are your dimensions?

DD: About this big by about this wide by uummm…maybe like this big…just kidding…36D/27/37

PM: What made you want to get into this industry?

DD: Initially I did my first scene for the cash….I very quickly saw it as an opportunity to be self-employed and that is what has kept me in it.

PM: When was the first time you danced and tell me a bit about what that experience was like?

DD: My first time on stage was as a feature…I had spent months planning and preparing. I was freaking out…but then I realized I wasn’t going to throw-up and its been smooth sailing ever since then.

PM: What are some of your favorite clubs that you’ve danced at?

DD: My #1 all-time favorite club…Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami Gardens, FL. Any club that has a party atmosphere full of energy I love and Tootsie’s feels like I am living in a Red Bull can.

PM: What is your favorite city to dance in?

DD: I really love Pittsburgh, Miami…anywhere with nice people, good food and some culture!

PM: What is your nationality?

DD: My mom’s side of the family is italian and cherokee indian…my dad’s side of the family is 100% redneck!

PM: How often do you travel to dance and entertain the crowd?

DD: I travel about 40-45 weeks a year…in a different town and a different gentlemen’s club every weekend!

PM: Give me a bit of information about StripperPalooza and what Skindustry is as a business.

DD: Skindustry Productions produces Stripperfest and Stripperpalooza contests. Both are dancer competitions featuring Queen of the Stage, Queen of the Pole & Hottest Stripper where ladies from all over the country compete for cash prizes and national publicity. I am the director of these contests which I absolutely love! Currently Stripperfest is held twice a year at On the Border in Franklin, WI and Stripperpalooza contests are basically a franchised version of Stripperfest. We take our team & our experience and use it to have the same competition in any club that is interested in hosting an amazing competition that will pack the house. I have never seen one of these events where the club was not at capacity.
Our upcoming events are: ……….October 9th – Stripperfest 10 – On the Border – Franklin, WI………………November 6 – Stripperpalooza ?? – Angel’s – Kalamazoo, MI.

PM: You have a very entrepreneurial type of spirit in the adult industry.. is that your true love, the business side of things?

DD: I do love being self-employed. There is so much reward in working for yourself. I do have a business degree in business management and have spent years in the corporate marketing world.

PM: What is the biggest misconception that women who aren’t in this industry might have of you?

DD:Where should I start? LOL…first & foremost I do not want to sleep with your husband(okay so there are a few exceptions but the wives know this already…and we have an understanding that it will never happen). Second, I do not spend my day walking around naked with a tool belt full of dildos. Finally, I am able to have a perfectly normal conversation without using words like cock, fuck, blow-job, etc.

PM: What do you enjoy more: Stripping at different clubs or doing adult films?

DD: Depends on the day…where I am at…what state I am in, what club I am in, who I am on set with, etc.

PM: Would you consider yourself one of the best in the adult industry when it comes to stripping and adult films?

DD: I think “the best” is determined by one person’s opinion on what they like or enjoy. IF I am “the best” to one fan…somebody else may not share the same opinion.

PM: Are there any girls in the adult world that you keep in contact with?

DD: Oh yeah…I have plenty of friends in the adult industry that I stay in touch with on a regular basis. Alot of really awesome people that I consider true friends.

PM: What other projects do you have adult wise and other things on the side?

DD: I am still touring about 40 weeks a year, Skindustry Productions keeps me very busy with 3 upcoming competitions, I am still working towards my goal of eventually running a half marathon & I am starting a new social networking marketing firm….information on it will be coming soon!

PM: Have you ever had any work done on any part of your body? If so, what?

DD: Yes, I have had my breasts enhanced two times now. The first time I went from an A to a C and the 2nd time from a C to a D.

PM: Is there a way people can go about booking you for performances?

DD: Absofreakinlutely! I work with all the agencies…Pure Talent, Lykens, Continental, A-List, Lee Network, Universal. I also do get contacted by clubs individually and I have no problem working with a club on an individual basis if that is what they prefer.

PM: Would you consider yourself a very competitive person?

DD: I have always competed in something my whole life…fine arts, sports, etc. However, the older I get and the more I compete with dancing the more I realize that if I just relax and enjoy what I do…win or lose its a much happier experience. Maybe this is why I have never placed first in any major feature competitions….lol.

PM: What about you do you think people close to you know that most people do not know?

DD: I’m a real girl…Daisy is just Daisy. Jeans & tank top, silly, down-to-earth girl. That is usually the first thing somebody says after meeting me outside of me working is…I really didn’t know what to expect but you are very normal.

PM: What kind of guy/girl turns you on? What do you like in a guy/girl?

DD: A confident guy who doesn’t use cheap lines or brag. A girl with clothes on is the hottest thing to me!

PM: What are some of the next big shows that you have coming up in the next 2-3 months?

DD: Other than the 3 contests I will be directing for Skindustry Productions…here is what my current schedule looks like:
September 14-17 – Teasers – Dothan, AL
September 21-24 – Gold Club – Philadelphia, PA
October 2-8 – On the Border, Franklin, WI

PM: If there was one wrap up statement that you would like to tell your fans what would you say?

DD: If you love what you do…you never have to work another day in your life! Thank you for allowing me to do what I love!

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