Damage, Inc

1. Kid Kaos won a “gauntlet” match. Kaos pinned TJ Rush. Kaos pinned GQ Money. Kaos pinned Steve Rizzono.

2. Dynamite D beat John Kronus via submission.

3. Vic Grimes pinned Leroy the Ring Crew Guy.

4. Konnan beat Johnny Webb via submission.

5. Kid Kaos pinned Dynamite D.

6. Konnan beat Vic Grimes via submission.

7. New Jack won a “royal rumble.” Also in the match were: Angel, Damien 666, Halloween, Homeless Jimmy, Kraq, Nosawa, and Pogo the Clown.

8. Kid Kaos pinned Konnan to become the first XPW TV Champ.

9. Johnny Webb & Rob Black beat Sabu & Josh Lazie in an “XPW CEO & XPW Title vs. “loser leaves town” match when Webb pinned Lazie.


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