Damien Michaels Was Floor Sweeper for Rob Spallone; Worked at Brick Majors’ Strip Joint

The thread- good or bad, continues about the late Damien Michaels:

Valley Refugee posts on www.hillsofwoodland.com : Meth and crack are what always brought Damien down. He was a hustler, a bullshit artist, a charmer, and a small-time grifter. He had a pleasant personality and was not hateful or bitter, he was just a perpetual fuck-up living in a dream world of his own making. He started out as a floor-sweeper for Rob Spallone’s Star World talent agency, then opened his own agency, which he didn’t run very well, pissing off most of his clients. He lost his headquarters when he neglected to pay the rent on the condo he was renting; he was also pocketing the rent his roommate was giving him.

Brad “Brick Majors” Barnes took him in off the street and gave him a job helping build Brad’s Shopping Center of Sin over there on Canoga Ave., and then a job as shift manager at his go-go bar. Damien fucked it up, trying to to do deals and scams on the side. He was a sexual predator, not using force but drugs and bullshit. He was a fuck-up, hands down. He would constantly bite any hand that tried to feed him, and then smile and be embarassed and ask for another chance. I guess somebody decided not to. He always reminded me of Eric Roberts’ character in the POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE. Guess they took more than his thumb, though …

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