Dave Cummings: From the Trenches, January 2010 Edition; Looking at AEE

Dave Cummings writes: I’ve been back from the Houston porn-related events of last month and away from the fun that the Adult Quest folks so fantastically orchestrated, to the point that I felt the need for some visual involvement with the porn world again. I got spoiled in Houston, something I love, but the time had come to kick off 2010 and get another classy dose of Adult Entertainment visuals.

Like the first or second week of every year, my last 15 years have included the fun of attending what the Las Vegas Taxi Driver’s call “The Porn Convention”. This event is actually the Adult Entertainment Expo, a staple in Las Vegas that attracts much of the adult world and many thousands of conventioneers and fans of porn. Here’s my view of it, subjectively reported by a porn star, producer, and director who already is looking forward to next year’s gathering.

After a nice flight and short taxi lines at the airport, I enjoyed breakfast at The Venetian Hotel followed by a very efficient badge-issue process at the AEE press room. Upon entering the AEE, an Adult Video News event that is THE giant of all shows, I was struck by how well organized and managed it was.

Walking the aisles, I bumped into many folks from my past as well as the present, and it seemed like a huge family reunion. Indeed, besides the “insiders”, lots of scantily clad young ladies were everywhere. I couldn’t help but notice how many of the new porn girls I didn’t know; maybe I should spend more pre-shoot and post-shoot time in Los Angeles going to parties, clubs, and places frequented by the porn girls (not that I’d get any action, but my eyes would certainly like feasting upon their beautify, flesh, and sights).

Many of the girls who do know me ran up and “administered” their sexy way of hugging, and the bulge in my pants showed that I am still a pervert of sorts. In a way, I think women are complimented when someone as old as me finds them so sexy that I get sexually excited from their hugs.

There were simply too many folks to name, but those of you who are fans of adult entertainment probably know who they were–everybody of note attends AEE and the AVN Awards Show. Like past years, at noon when the fans were allowed in, it seemed like a flood of hard core folks, attendees from the ongoing Computer Electronics Show (CES), and everyday folks.

I signed a lot of autographs and posed for photos with many fans, including the females who were part of a couple. Women are so open now days to sex being a normal component (and need) of a happy life that they often voice recognition that porn is All-American — their comments to me at AEE certainly reinforced that women are porn fans, too! Even here in somewhat conservative San Diego, I often experience women demanding to have access to, and be fans of, porn.

One of the AEE seminars I attended addressed legal updates of issues affecting both the porn and the Adult Internet worlds. Talk about a panel of distinguished attorneys!! Because I was asked in 2005 to sign on to be a plaintiff in the www.freespeechcoalition.com U.S.C. 2257 action against the government, I interacted and accompanied many of the panel members during court hearings, depositions, etc where I got to learn a lot from them; seeing them on the floor at AEE provided me opportunity to visit and to converse about much of what they addressed during the seminar.

Bottom line; in what seems to me to be a somewhat worrisome vein, many folks don’t (yet?) see the Obama Administration copying the hands-off approach towards porn that the Clinton White House followed; and, together with the piracy issues and illegal tube sites that I’m addressed in past monthly columns, the Adult Entertainment Industry is under continuing regulatory and financial duress.

AEE is over, the porn starlets and insiders are back in the Los Angeles area planning their 2010 porn productions/bookings. The Adult Entertainment Industry seems challenged by the economy and the illegal tube sites and innate piracy and copyright infringement. We need 2010 to be a more supportive year!

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We’re in a new year, indeed a new decade, so let’s all enjoy life, family and friends, and everything we like and value. Let’s be safe, healthy, and happy. Life is short, we need to live it in the way that WE want, not the way government, church, or any other person or entity requires!

Dave Cummings

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