Dave Cummings From the Trenches, the November 2009, Edition

Dave Cummings writes: Houston, you are a “Go” for liftoff of Pornutopia III. Have a great ride and a fun mission. www.QuestParty is your flight plan and opportunity for three days of super sex fun naughtiness in the Lone Star State. Be there!

Not only will top stars be in the group, but you’ll also have the chance to meet other shakers and movers, including the guru folks from YNOT.com which is regarded by many in the Adult Internet as the original and most comprehensive resource for adult internet matters. They are loaded with current information, and are always willing to assist new people, and others.

Speaking of Texas, what happened recently at Fort Hood is absolutely horrifying; please remember the victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Another recent event that’s been on my mind is the commercial airline flight that overshot the Minneapolis Airport by 150 miles. Possibly, there was some distraction to the pilots that contributed to the error. I wonder if some of the passengers were distracted by emails or possibly even porn-watching on their mobile devices, hence even frequent flyers into Minneapolis didn’t take notice and query the flight attendants. Distractions have the potential to be devastating.

Let me rant a bit: what’s with the radio and TV ads that have a fast-talking person motor-mouth the disclaimers with the speed of lightning, and then give out an 800-number at least three times in succession? I heard one the other day that harpooned us with the number 4-5 times.

What’s up with cell phone users who get so distracted with their heads down and their eyes distracted by yet another “what ya doin” text, or an answering machine message about heaven knows what, that they walk into baby carriages, dogs, people, etc as if they were the only person in the universe? The self-centered folks who get distracted sometimes even look up as if to say “what are you doing in MY way – I’m THE most important person among everyone here”. Again, distractions have the potential to be devastating.

I get a chuckle out of drivers tailgating who get upset when the senior citizen in front of them reacts to the potential tail gate danger by slowing down or stepping on their brakes (which I sense is often a natural instinct); and, drivers who are distracted by using their rear view mirror to brush their hair while entering a crowded freeway or super highway, or the tailgaters who are laughing away on their cell phone instead of driving responsibly.

Yesterday, I witnessed a driver in the left lane of four lanes, with a cell phone nestled between her ear and shoulder while she was thumbing through a map book propped up against her steering wheel, then, without signaling she made a sharp right turn to the off-ramp as if she was the one and only person on the highway. I could rant on and on, but suffice to end this paragraph with “distractions have the potential to be devastating”.

OK, it’s time for me to stop ranting and start focusing upon sex—that’s why you here, isn’t it? I saw a report last week that more and more women are using porn, and that they seem to be breaking through the mindsets that connote the inappropriateness of them enjoying access to sexual excitement. I think it’s great that we male perverts now have women who also enjoy sexually exciting photos, video, and adult websites. Heck, while men have long pursued the world of MILF, women have started the world of “cougars”, something I heartedly applaud.

I could tell you about the new swingers club in San Diego County, and all the action at their grand opening (there was a lot of “openings” that night), but I’ll leave that to your fantasizing –think pool table, massage table, hot tub, “dark” room, pool, sex toys, and, most of all, group room action! I gotta close this now, and get showered for a coed groupie coming by for a little cuddling and a lot of “riding” (she likes to be on top and grind down on me while she has very intense climaxes; she even brings the condoms and lube; after a couple of hours, I usually climax orally, and she then showers and goes back to her dorm). I like having my place to myself afterwards, and I enjoy her using me as a distraction to her studying. I love my life!

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