Dave Cummings: “Anybody that would steal a sticky bun… what kind of a person is that?”; *Watch the clip

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from www.10nes.com – SAN DIEGO — 10News has obtained surveillance video of a man responsible for possibly two break-ins at a Mission Beach bakery.

The video shows a man in a checkered hooded sweatshirt burglarizing the Baked bakery on Santa Clara Place.

According to the owner, he seemed to know exactly what he was after.

“He knows how to open the register because the register is off, so you’ll see him lifting it up,” said Nanci Houlgate, who owns Baked.

On the video, the man does not stop after getting about $40 worth of coins. He goes for the baked goods in a glass display case and even crawls along the floor to get another bag to fill it up. Then, he takes a few dollars from the tip jar.

“I really want this guy to be caught because I don’t want him doing this to other businesses,” said Houlgate.

She told 10News she believes the man in the video is the same person who broke in two months ago. In both cases, coins and food disappeared.

After the first break-in, which occurred in mid-June, Houlgate decided to take matters into her own hands. She installed security cameras and put in other security measures throughout the bakery.

She also posted a flyer outside the bakery’s doors to inspire customers to keep an eye out for him as well.

“I mean, anybody that would steal a sticky bun… what kind of a person is that?” said Baked patron Dave Cummings.

Cummings said he was out on a run Monday night and stopped by the bakery to check on it.

“I came in one way and looked in the windows,” added Cummings. “I didn’t see anything.”

Houlgate added, “We have a lot of locals out there looking for him.”

She said that whoever finds him will get a sweet reward.

“A cinnamon roll per day for the rest of their lives,” she said with a laugh. Baked’s cinnamon rolls are extremely popular with the beach crowds and locals.

Still, some customers said they do not mind paying for her tasty baked treats.

“If anything happens that this place isn’t here because of that burglar, I won’t have quality breakfast items to eat,” said Cummings.

*Watch the clip: www.10news.com/news/31393872/detail.html

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