Dave Pounder…Flounders

(Burbank, CA) – If you don’t have one already, self-proclaimed, male talent, Dave Pounder, has some snappy business cards. And, if you’re an adorable young woman in the business, as he hands you one of the many cards you’ll receive from him, you can count on him saying, “if you ever need male talent, I’m available.”
Good self promotion is everything in the entertainment biz, so one would have to applaud his efforts. But claiming to be male talent on Wankus’ watch is a dangerous statement.
Thursday night on The Wanker Show, Wankus and CoHo, Katie Morgan, got a surprise visit from Pounder who “just happened to be in the area.” Wankus invited Pounder on the KSEXradio couch and gave him a couple of standard interview questions.

Following the basics, Wankus began to grill Pounder about a somewhat industry known difficulty he allegedly has. “A lot of people see you talking to me, ” Wankus stated, “then when you walk away from me they say that you’re the guy who can’t get wood on set.” Pounder denied the allegations and claimed to have had some difficulties early on in his career, but it was only on ‘one, maybe two sets.’

Wankus then reminded him that right there on The Wanker Show, a few months back, he couldn’t get wood when Violet Blue sucked his dick for fifteen minutes. “Well, you were making jokes and shit, no one can get wood to that,” Pounder responded.

So a challenge was then offered. “Any all-pro male talent can get an erection on demand,” Wankus stated, “if you brought Ron Jeremy, Mr. Marcus or Sean Michaels in here, and told them to get wood, they could.” Pounder, listening uncomfortably, wondering where this was going, basically agreed with the statements made.

“So, since you claim to be ‘male talent’,” Wankus continued, “whip that little thing out and I’ll give you :60 seconds to get a hard on.”

Pounder accepted the challenge but asked for the help of the lovely Katie Morgan. After Morgan declined, probably considering she was in one of his previous scenes where he failed to reach erection and was finally asked to leave the set, Pounder requested the aid of a skin mag. A recent issue of Club was brought in and the timer started at 7:26pm.

Dave stripped down completely naked, as members of the chat room pointed out that he resembled Richie Cunningham from Happy Days, and began frantically tugging his tool. Wankus let the minute go long, trying to give the poor guy some slack as he rapidly changed pages in his magazine. After close to two minutes, Wankus looked at Pounder’s limp log and shouted, “times up!”

“It looks like the head of your dick is taking a nap on your index finger Dave,” Wankus claimed. “I’m not finished yet,” Dave said, “I’m going to keep going until I get it hard.”

Five minutes later, nothing. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, through commercial breaks and other show features, nothing. Pounder was determined to prove that he could get wood, yet whenever he claimed to have it, it fell as limp as a weeping willow tree. Finally at 42 minutes in, Dave got a 3 second rock and Wankus called the contest complete. “You were a good sport Dave, ” Wankus stated, “sorry we were so hard on ya….I mean….ridged with you….I mean….well you know what I mean.”

Dave Pounder’s performance should be a lesson to all the guys in the adult industry fan base who think it’s easy to be a porn star. Take note: Having sex with a hot porn babe would be awesome, but consider the lights, male tech crew and distractions around you, not to mention the pressure of having to perform while be directed. It’s NOT as easy as one may think.

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