Death of Anastasia Blue: Scotty Schwartz Comments

Scotty Schwartz who once managed Anastasia Blue writes me:

Gene, it’s been about 9 years since I’ve had a reason to email U, but this is one of those times.

Upon hearing about the passing Anastasia Blue it brought back a lot of memories.. that time on the Babewatch set, long forgotten,
but having read what U wrote brought it all back.. but not important now..

Anastasia was a wild lady. Steve Seidman introduced me to her and asked me to take care of her. She was a woman far beyond her 18 years at that time, she was up for about anything from Max Hardcore (who threw many thousands at her to shoot for him), to interacial, to anal, really she did it all.

Her personal demons were very apparent from the start but being the good natured person I am, I tried to get her to stop, she would and then she’d start drinking and the drugs just came too easily. Trying to get someone to stop drinking and doing drugs is impossible, they have to want to stop and she wasn’t ready.

Anastasia roomed with Dr. X & myself, for about a year. I forced her to save money! I forced her to open a savings account, helped get her a car and a place of her own, however 1 weekend changed it all. I had to leave CA for a business trip for 4 days, I had control of her savings (knowing about the drinking and drugs, I had to protect her somehow).. before I left she asked me for some money, I offered her $1000 of her savings and said PLEASE don’t spend it, WELL, she wanted her ATM card … it was HER money, so I did what she asked..

WELL.. she blew thru $6600 in 4 days ! Having an apartment wasn’t good enough, she got a suite at the Marriott, threw several parties, spent $1200 on a bar tab and when I got back she was $200 overdrawn… Terrible, but that was her, always living for the moment. I felt horrible, it wasn’t my money, but I felt bad for her, I always wanted good things for her and tried to help her build a better future for herself.

About a month later she started dating some guy and she figured he could do for her what I did, so she let me go from managing her. I always wished she hadn’t as this “kid” knew nothing about the industry and she needed all the help she could get.

OH, her car got taken away, so I had to constantly drive her places.. anyhow, within about 6 months I guess she left Los Angeles for Seattle. I heard from her about a year 1/2 later and it was a short conversation, don’t remember the details now, it was about 9 years ago… We never had a fight, never argued but I always thought she had bad feelings towards me due to the fact that she worked on all those jobs, all those shoots and had nothing to show for it, so why not blame me.. we never blame ourselves. The typical story.. She did all those jobs, bought shoes, purses, drank, the drugs, parties etc.. spent all the money, it’s the 25th and the rent is due on the 1st .. being broke and a porn star just doesn’t seem to go together.

Now she’s gone, much too young and with so much life to still live, 28 is just too darn young to pass away. I hope that she can now find innner peace. Her smile lit up a room. She never went to a job unprepared, drunk or screwed up, she was a professional even at such a young age. Seeing this story, I hope & prey the younger generation of female talent would take a lesson from one who saw it, lived it and hoped for better for an adorable young lady. I’ve been long gone from the industry and it took her passing for me to say my peace about Anastasia Blue. To all my old friends, I say a HELLO, U know who U are.

Gene, U have always been fair and a stand up guy, I hope to run into you again sometime. I miss our Wrestling & football chats.

To Elena, everyone who knew you will miss U and may the good lord put you into heaven with love and care.

Scotty Schwartz

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