Debi Diamond: This Business is Now a Clusterfuck; It’s Not a Safe Environment

You think Rob Black, Monica Foster, and I are the only ones saying this?

Debi Diamond on her Internet show this week made the following comments:

“Our business is in such…it’s hard for me not to say the word crap. Compared to when I was fucking and sucking all the time and participating in sexual activity for the pleasure of others…nowadays it’s just a clusterfuck. I don’t know what to make of it.

“Back in the day we had two agents,” Diamond continued.

I’m, talking about the early Eighties when I first came upon the scene. I was 17 and was told to come back when I was 18 which I did on my birthday. World Modeling, Jim South, was my agent, and he was my agent my entire career in porn. There was one other agent in porn- Reb- he was a different type of agent.

“I didn’t talk to him that much because I was very loyal. Jim was always straight up with me. I loved sex. I didn’t like to do stills. I didn’t like to do magazines. I still can’t. Can we take a picture? Sorry. There were two agents and that was it. There were probably 40 people when I first began. And it was illegal at the time. It was a whole different world.

“Nowadays anybody can call themselves an agent. They have agencies and escort sites all linked together. It’s a clusterfuck of people. Testing is another thing- your health- in all my years [knock on wood] I never got anything. I never got anything, which is lucky, because I had a lot of unprotected sex and I ate a lot of cum. That was just me. I always considered it lucky because our testing wasn’t as thorough back then as it should be now.

“Now there’s so many things they don’t mandatory test for- Hep C – it will just disgust you that it’s not a mandatory test. It’s a deadly thing. It’s just fucked now. I could never proceed in this business as a performer. I could never do it now strictly because it’s just a clusterfuck going on and not a safe environment. Any way you spin it. People are fighting for this and fighting for that when the real issue is not even being looked at.

“And I don’t dare speak because I’m not a performer any more [something which Julie Meadows needs to heed]. I’m not a part of that world. I would just put it out to the trash and start all over again. It’s just a clusterfuck. Have I said that too many times?”

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