Debra Lafave Back in the News

Tampa, Florida – At a press conference yesterday, Debra Lafave’s Attorney John Fitzgibbons says the Temple Terrace police took inappropriate pictures of her sexual organs during the investigation, and he’s working to keep them private.

Fitzgibbons says that because Florida has such a broad public records law, anyone could request the photos and post them on the internet.

He also says that the warrant did not permit police to take these types of photos, and it’s hard to discuss the pics without being graphic, but says they are very explicit and likens them to a gynecological exam.

He reiterates that they are very graphic, and says he plans to ask the Temple Terrace Police if this is their practice, and that she would be “raw meat at the hands of the lions in prison, and she’s not even safe with the police.”

Debra Lafave is the former teacher accused of having sex with a student.

She is charged with four felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery and one count of lewd and lascivious exhibition.

Each carries a maximum 15-year prison term. Her former student says that he and his teacher had sex five times in June 2004.


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