December Playboy featuring Sasha Grey, Joanna Krupa on stands today

from – Today could be a very big day for Playboy: It’s gala Christmas issue hits the stands, with alternate covers featuring Dancing With the Stars sensation Joanna Krupa (nude in an 8-page pictorial inside) and comedian Chelsea Handler.

Inside there’s also first publication of the original author’s cut of Vladimir Nabokov’s story “Laura,” and porn-mainstream crossover success story Sasha Grey posing as Nabokov’s infamous Lolita character.

Interviews with Gore Vidal, Avatar director James Cameron, and cartoon legend R. Crumb (this time around he’s busy sexing up the Bible) represent a return to form for Playboy so sweet you’d almost think they’re up to something.

And, it turns out, they may very well be: Playboy Enterprises stock jumped 42 percent yesterday on the news that it is in talks to sell itself to Iconix Brand Group Inc. Other high-profile companies have already looked at Playboy, including Virgin, wink wink, since rumors of a possible sale began in June.

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