Der Bossen Fuehrer Will Be Home for Christmas; Posts Bail

from De Welt as Translated by Sgt. Schultz: The German YouPorn CEO Fabian Thylmann must not spend Christmas in jail. The contractor who is against the suspicion of tax evasion detected is spared from further enforcement of custody. The Bremer said Ulrich, spokesman for the prosecutor in Cologne, the “world”.

“Mr. Thylmann has deposited a guarantee in the tens of millions and is committed to stringent reporting requirements.” For the release of his permanent residence in Belgium and his close family involvement had spoken. Fabian Thylmann is married and has two children.

Thylmann may remain until the trial in Belgium

Fabian Thylmann could stay until the trial at large and return to Belgium, he had to leave his passport but must. “Prosecutor and the court assume that the sole purpose of detention, namely the implementation of an ordered criminal proceedings against the accused, can also be achieved by the measures adopted,” said Bremer. The decision to release was killed on Thursday evening.

A native of Aachen IT entrepreneur Thylmann is chef and owner of the international group of companies Manwin that some of the most famous pornographic operates Internet portals including YouPorn and Pornhub.

More than 35 companies in six countries

To the Luxembourg-based holding company “Manwin Holding Sarl” includes more than 35 companies in Luxembourg, Germany, Canada, Cyprus, the UK and Ireland. In recent years, Manwin had expanded rapidly. Under license by “Playboy” operates “Manwin” Since November 2011, the online marketing and the television networks of the brand.

The German citizen Thylmann was on 11 December was arrested at his home in a suburb of Brussels. At the same time tax investigators had searched his private rooms and a Hamburg subsidiary of Manwin. Thylmann himself had denied the accusation of tax evasion. His company is merely “a tax-optimized” set up.

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