Derek, The Party Is Over; I AM riding in on a white horse Rob Black declares

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Alluding to major legal repercussions that were to be hitting the business this afternoon, Rob Black said the party’s over for Derek Hay and LATATA.

“It is over for LA Direct,” Black predicted.

“Tom Byron is near to sealing the fate for Derek Hay and the whole lot of them. It’s done. Derek, it’s over. Everybody that’s a part of LATATA is part of a conspiracy and a cover-up and you will be part of a very fun lawsuit.

“There is so much shit that’s coming to this business – put your shit gear on. There’s going to be so much shit flying I can’t imagine people not getting pelted.”

It’s game set match for Derek Hay. You’re part of LATATA it’s done. It’s over.”

Black called Hay and Mark Spiegler “scoundrels” who try to control women’s bodies.

“This is not a game any more.”

“Derek Hay, Shy Love know it’s a game and are planning their exit strategy, but we won’t let them go away. You sonsofbitches are going to be hung up by your Buster Browns.”

And If there’s ever a Best of Rob Black Show, the day that he eviscerated Brooklyn Lee on air was a marvel to hear.

Today, Brooklyn Lee was on Slim Pickens’ web site making adverse comments about Hay, alluding to the fact that Black “is the savior coming in on his motherfucking white stallion” but that he’s even powerless to help a business that is now out of control.

Lee also said that Alex Gonz is “an asshole and deserves the same exile Mr. Marcus received”

“Gonz is MIA,” noted Black.

“Hopefully the cocksucker is putting a bullet in his mouth. We now have a business that’s in complete disarray, and I don’t know where to start.”

Black compared the porn industry to a porous football defense that was Swiss cheese.

“When you score at will [meaning Black with his comments and predictions], you know it’s going to be a long game. Brooklyn Lee defended these very people months ago when she said Rob Black is a loser. What is happening now? I told you guys four months ago, and you shit on me and waged a media attack.

“Yup, Derek Hay is a scumbag, and I’m not going to go off on Mike Moz and Brooklyn Lee. Mike Moz owes me an apology. I guess he doesn’t want to acknowledge I did nothing wrong. Brooklyn Lee knows where our issues started.

[Lee attacked Lizzy Borden and Black tore Lee apart on air to the point where Lee announced her retirement from the business several days later.]

“I was attacked. Mike Moz tarnished by reputation. I never said nothing but exemplary things about him.”

“Mike Moz I expect you to be a man,” Black went on to say.

“Get a hold of me and apologize. Brooklyn Lee, you don’t have the fortitude to admit that you’re wrong. Do you now see girls, and you guys without any balls, – you have an agent [Hay] that withholds information back and lets performers work with life threatening diseases.

“Mike South is the world’s biggest propaganda piece of shit known to man. He’s trying to get Derek Hay out of this jam by saying that Derek Hay is not responsible to know if his performers have diseases or not.

“I don’t get this. I don’t understand. What LA Direct and Spiegler do is run talent. Fran helps them get bank accounts. Andy Sam Dimas would call Mark Spiegler, ‘daddy.’

“Explain to me when people on set say ‘I have to call Derek’- when every fucking person goes through Derek- how is it that Derek Hay does not know if his performers are tested or not, and that Mike South defends that Derek Hay shouldn’t know the health status of his clients. If these people Hay make millions of dollars from, how is it he don’t know when everyone’s tests are up?

“Doesn’t he need to know that Alex Gonz’s tests are good – don’t you have a roll call or anything? Guy A? check. Guy B? check.

“Doesn’t this shine more light on Clover? I don’t give a shit what you think about Clover- he went along with a cover up. They covered it up, and he went along with a story. Tell him to come forth and tell the real story. But he ain’t going to do that.

“You now have Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition, LATATA saying it’s the performers’ responsibility. But AHF and the city are saying you aren’t responsible enough, and that’s why we’re passing bills.

“You had Bryn Pryor saying we can police ourselves. Now you have this rampant thing and Free Speech saying ‘it’s not our business to police ourselves.’ How do you argue against what I’m calling for? Right now you have an industry that has no concept on how to fix anything.

“No one has solutions. No one has ideas. I come along, and I give very simple, SIMPLE solutions- one centralized testing facility not overseen by Diane Duke, Marci Hirsch, but one centralized facility overseen by the government, by the city.

“We have an industry with a new disease every month and Diane Duke saying we were going to be testing…

“But if you have people ready to come in, ready to take over the testing and you’re going to have licenses, permits and tests for meningitis…down a battery of tests, then you get cleared to work. Why don’t you like that? Because it’s government intervention?

“Isn’t getting a driver’s license government intervention? But you want to have John Stagliano fuck everybody with life threatening diseases. Are you guys insane? You’re saying it’s not that bad because it’s harder to get HIV that way. That’s basically what we’re being told. It’s downright amazing that we deal with this, that we tolerate it.

“Solution 2 is you get rid of all the agents,” said Black which is on the horizon in the next days and weeks.

“Everything they’re doing is illegal and now you create a union that governs all talent. The way it will work- all the talent from camera operators on down are organized under one banner. Everybody will be booked, cast out of this one place. No one will pay union dues.

That is how the UAWA, will operate. There is NO union dues for the UAWA. You will be entitled to health insurance after a certain amount of time on the job. If your name was Freddie Lincoln and you were in the business 30 years, you would have had health insurance- a health insurance plan will be made available to you.

“The day of the go-sees and the fun for everybody is over,” said Black. “Those days are all over.”

“Alex Gonz hanged out at drug parties where Johns feds girls with dope,” Black observed.

“People in the private life are putting us at risk. And John Stagliano is having sexual relationships with talent in the business.

“In every sport this confidentiality crap is thrown out the window- when you have a regulatory body [Black used the example of Alex Rodriguez being suspended from Major League Baseball] there’s a privilege you give up when you’re an adult performer. That’s called life. You give up certain things because that is what that industry says.

“If you’re falling for the fact that Derek Hay shouldn’t have known that Alex Gonz tested positive, you need to kill yourself. Derek Hay is the leader of the talent, and he’s saying I should be the gatekeeper of what talent has?

“You’re telling me Derek Hay shouldn’t have known? He’s the agent that handles the top talent in the business. You people in the business think you’re smart? You really are stupid. You listen to Mike South feeding you a line of shit that Derek Hay and LATATA never had to know?

“Seriously. It’s amazing. For Mike South and how he defends Derek Hay – because he’s paid, we all know that. If the UAWA existed, none of this would have happened.

“And I am exactly riding in on a white horse,” Black declared.

“If the UAWA was set up we would not be going through this. A central testing facility stationed in Los Angeles that monitors every test from the straight and gay side and lets out amber alerts- if that is not the solution to Diane Duke and two testing facilities and a handful of others that are accredited. Diane Duke has authorized clinics to be approved by the APHSS even though they don’t test for hepatitis.

“How Derek Hay is not supposed to know what performers are doing with their tests is absolutely absurd, and Mike South is continuing with this talking and talking. How Allie Haze’s husband who likes to kick guys in the head doesn’t kick Derek in his bald head I don’t know.”

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