Desi Foxx exposes Monica Foster as an evil, alcoholic, troll

Desi is surprised that Foster brought in her daughter in her blog about their breakup. It’s funny because everyone who is a victim of Foster’s stalking and bullying can testify that Foster drags in EVERYONE who is associated with those that she hates. Monica Foster attacks friends, family, business associates, and even little kids.

Foster’s only daily agenda is to make people as miserable as she is. Foster has tried to get people fired from their jobs, she has tried to cause people to lose money, she has tried to end friendships, and she’s even tried to get people arrested on false accusations.

I have no respect for Desi Foxx because she has proven to be a fraud herself. She also witnessed Foster’s bullying of people from behind the safety of a computer and yet she would still associate with her.

I find it funny that Desi mentioned that Foster is an alcoholic, evil troll. Foster is losing what little she has in the world and she has nobody to blame but herself. Her evil ways are catching up to her. Foster is a fake Christian who doesn’t know anything about the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ. Foster is no different than a member of ISIS.

Imagine how shitty her life will be at the age of 40!


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  1. How does this surprise anyone? Remember Monica Foster said John Forbush of Metro Talent was her agent and we all know what a piece of shit he is. Monica Foster will support anyone, no matter how much of a piece of shit that person is, as long as it supports HER agenda.

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