Desi Foxx & Monica Foster are still idiots

Monica Foster

The self proclaimed porn police, recently had their 3rd public separation, of course nobody really cares. During their years of trying to police the porn biz and the entire sex industry and trying to ruin Dennis Hoff, what have either of them really accomplished? Not a damn thing!

They’re both a couple of attention whores who are just bitter that they FAILED to make a good living selling themselves.

Nobody important gives a shit what they have to say, they’re unable to get a strong following, they aren’t able to make any money off of their stupid shit, and so much more!

Why can’t these two losers just move on with their lives, get a job, and just disappear?

At least that psycho bitch Shelly Lubben made appearances and other shit, these two won’t leave home to fight porn!

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