Desi Foxx & Monica Foster fight & part ways on Twitter

Desi Foxx and Elle Foxx

Monica Foster and Desi Foxx were not a likely pair to be friends, considering how racist Monica Foster has been konw to be in the past.

But despite that, they teamed up on several projects including a “news” channel where both of them hate on people in the porn industry and make up bullshit lies.

After 8 years of attacking the porn industry and people she hates, it must have been nice for Monica Foster to have a true partner is crime. Only this partner was someone who had sex with her own daughter. You read that right, Desi Foxx had sex with her own daughter on camera. Desi Foxx’s own ex-husband was a sex offender and so is her son.

Think all of that is fucked up?

Well Desi Foxx also pimped her own daughter out.

Now goes around claiming to fight against porn “for the children”. Yet this bitch had sex with her own fucking daughter.

Monica Foster sure does make some great friends, doesn’t she? But then again considering Monica Foster outed her own family in a lame ass attempt to cover up the fact that she was giving out porn star’s personal information on, it just goes to show you how fucked up Monica Foster really is.

Now they apparently these two pieces of shit, had a falling out over twitter. But did they really?

Is is Monica Foster – a known fucking liar trying to pretend to fight to get some of the heat off of Desi Foxx?


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