Diane Duke and James Lee- The Oddest of Odd Couples; There’s something very wrong with this picture

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If you ever heard his show on the old KSEX, you know that Steven St. Croix’s a pretty hip, pretty articulate guy.

Writing about the proposed condom mandate, St. Croix has an op-ed piece currently running on www.adultbizlaw.com in which he puts the sack on Michael Weinstein in a manner of speaking.

Other than that, St. Croix displays an almost uncomfortable knowledge with the chemical composition of prophylactics. Yet I imagine he knows what he’s talking about having had his penis insured for a million backs way back when, and having lived as an artist/beach bum/gigolo in the south of France for a couple of years.

Read the story at: www.adultcybermart.com/adultfyi/?p=1339#more-1339

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