Diane Duke Hiding the Truth? The Tarot Seems to Think So

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In a Tarot reading today for Rikki Six I wrote: “The Moon card in [Six’] reading is telling Six to trust her gut instincts and not be lead by the nose or told what to do. Whenever the Moon card shows up, the truth is usually being kept hidden from the subject of the reading. On a broader scale, the industry is not being given the entire facts about the Syphilis crisis.”

Mike South writes: Diane Duke is a duplicitous, self serving, lying, scumbag.

Instead of being honest, she lied, and they weren’t even well thought out lies. She told Thedailybeast.com www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=55536 that there was only one confirmed positive. That is a lie and she knows it is a lie. She also told them that the performer did not fake his test, another lie that she knows is a lie.

Lying about it is not the way out of this, she is going to repeat these lies to talent and to the adult press you can bet on that.

Diane Duke needs to be gone from this industry she has destroyed any credibility we may have ever gained and antics like this have opened the door for AHF, CalOSHA and L.A. County to take control.

Fire Diane Duke NOW!

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