Diane Duke Tells The LA Daily News: I Don’t Know Enough About the Marcus Case to Comment

Regarding the Mr. Marcus sentencing yesterday, this little paragraph in a story written by LA Daily News’ Susan Abram caught our attention:

“Diane Duke, chief executive officer for the coalition, said she didn’t know enough about Spencer’s case to comment. But said ‘as a result of the increased rate of syphilis throughout the country, and the world, the adult film industry now requires syphilis testing with every monthly performer panel — protocols well above those recommended by the CDC.'”

Considering the fact that it was Diane Duke who first trotted Mr. Marcus out on the world stage when he delivered the exclusive press conference to AVN and XBiz last year, I would say Duke knows a lot about the case.

But this time she might be doing something smart. Marcus is in a middle of a lawsuit with Lylith Lavey and anything she says can and will be used against him.

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