Diane Duke’s “No On-Set Transmission” Statement Proves She Knows Nothing About the Business

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Other than the fact that she was a condom saleswoman for Planned Parenthood, Diane Duke [pictured] has no qualifications to head up The Free Speech Coalition.

I’ve been harping on this issue forever, but Rob Black brought the idea more to light this afternoon, that the more Duke opens her mouth the more she betrays her ignorance about the adult business. Like Duke making the ludicrous assertion to the press that there was no HIV transmission on the set in Cameron Bay’s case.

“We’re getting bullshit stories and no one can give you the straight facts,” Black was saying Thursday afternoon.

“When the business professes safety, I’m puzzled over the issues that surround an HIV test. I can’t seem to fathom why, if our business is so safe and secure, why is there rumor and innuendo swirling around?

“There’s a cover-up and it doesn’t have to go down like this, putting the business in such panic mode where people like Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano are desperately trying to cling to the money that goes into the coffers.

“There is controversy involving a process [HIV testing] where anywhere else it would have been handled and end of story. But that doesn’t happen in our business. What our business does is try to actually circumvent any language that is actually stating truth or fact.

“Last week Shy Love was back being the owner of ATMLA, now she’s not the owner and you got Mark Sphincter [Schechter] being the owner. They’re not sure who the owner is and it flip flops.”

Black took Schechter’s comments to XBiz and pointed out their inconsistencies.

“This industry has never admitted to an HIV outbreak since Marc Wallice,” Black continued.

“They skip everything else. What’s fascinating about this industry, we have a performer [Cameron Bay] who’s been in the business awhile. She’s made her rounds and worked for Kink.com where they beat you to the point of hospitalization. She dates and is part of our inner circle.

“There’s many top male performers who’ve worked with her and are in the range of infection. If you think she doesn’t have a private life where she fucks people off camera, you’re wrong. We have a performer by all accounts who’s just like other girls. She has a boyfriend who is a crossover performer.

“Asa Akira, Chanelle Preston, the same thing. We cannot sit there and say her [Bay] problem is she dated a crossover guy. This girl is your prototypical Mark Spiegler girl who will let you burn her with a cigarette and she hangs out and fucks crossover talent. That is a girl who’s part of our community. This isn’t some transient crack head. She isn’t a roving bug chaser who tries to infect people.

“I don’t want to hear this girl led a wild life where she’s outside the norm of the business. She’s exactly like every other girl in this business. Covered with tats, check. Lets you burn her, check. She is what all you performers are. She’s a girl that looks like Bonnie Rotten. In fact when I first saw her picture I thought nit was Christy Mack.

“Wow. Someone who’s among you that looks like you all and plays with you all.”

Black also found it amusing that Cameron Bay told AVN that she didn’t think she was HIV positive but only had the HIV antibodies.

“Are you guys completely insane? John Stagliano must be calling her and figuring out how to pump her with medicine. The girl was tested Monday and it’s Thursday. It doesn’t take that long for trained professionals to determine if you’re HIV positive. From Monday to today we’re still not getting any conformation that this woman is HIV positive.

“Yet this business is professing that it has safety and every state of the art test. We’re proving that they’re using a test you can buy at a store. This is all a money grab and we went through this months ago. At the end of the day the business is using a test you can get at a drug store.

“Cameron Bay is swearing she did nothing bad and knows who she works with. But why is it taking four or five days to get any kind of confirmation? She’s testing positive for antibodies, not HIV. And it’s now shown that ATMLA are liars www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59624

“Cameron Bay has been in the business and quite frankly when you need facts and need to be protected you go to AdultFYI and The Rob Black show. It’s been a week now and we’re not getting a straight answer on her condition.

“This girl is part of the system. July 27th was her last clean test. During that time she might have been called on for privates or a fuck date with whatever mope is trying to get pussy and this girl is trying to get work. Guess what Diane Duke? People are getting it from sets.

“You have never been part of our business and nothing more than a figure head who siphons money. If you were part of the business you would know what I’m talking about. Cameron Bay was part of our system. Anyone could have been calling her for privates that her agency didn’t know about.

“How do you guys tell me that a girl who has been part of our system for years and how is it- how does anyone comprehend that there is not a need for condoms in the business?

“This girl had a month window where she could be working- actually hanging out doing privates, who the fuck knows- but you listen to Diane Duke saying nobody got it on set. It’s too large of a window. How does Diane Duke say we don’t need to wear condoms and our testing procedures are flawless.

“Our entire business is a set and you know her statement is nonsense. You know a girl, after she’s done a scene hooks up with the camera guy off camera and nobody uses condoms outside of a scene.”

[Monica Foster had such an unfortunate experience with cameraman Matt Holder who gave her herpes. Foster has taken to tweets and YouTube to blast Holder for being a pig and betraying her confidence.]

“If you’re David Lord’s PA and you’re part of the system and a girl identifies you as someone who gets David Lord’s cigarettes, that person doesn’t use a rubber,” said Black.

“And Cameron Bay’s not going to ask about condoms because well David Lord doesn’t hang around with someone swimming in HIV. Yes, it did happen on set. Our business takes place off the set. These girls fuck and suck Howard Levine. Ginger Lynn was impregnated by Steve Hirsch. I met Lizzy Borden on a set.

“Diane Duke, Joanne Capistrano for you to sit there and talk like you know our business is a travesty, and I hope our business will rally around the notion to have one testing facility that is not run by the business.

“I hope everybody sees we need a one-system testing agency where we don’t have liars like Derek Hay, Mark Sphincter and Shy Love bury themselves deeper and deeper in lies. Especially Mark Sphincter saying Cameron Bay has only been in the business six months.

“The party is over for Diane Duke, Joanne Capistrano and Free Speech. We need a one system talent agency and testing agency that is run by the adult industry. We need to put rules, safeguards and health insurance out there so that talent would have that should anything happen.

“The Free Speech Coalition, LATATA, Mark Spiegler, Vivid, none of them have protected us, and now it’s time for us to take action.”


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