Diane Duke’s Really Slow On the Uptake, Ain’t She? Treponemal EIA test Has Been Around Since 2005

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Proving once again that AHPHSS isn’t exactly on top of things, today it announced that the Treponemal EIA test for syphilis will begin immediately in the adult community. Very good news for all accept this test has been around since 2005 when the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta began reporting on its findings.

So the question is, why did Duke drag the industry through the muck and mire of Mr. Marcus when this test was already available?

Oh, I’ll give you the answer. When you have unqualified civilians trying to run a medicine show, this is what happens.

Unlike the press release Duke issued where it states APHSS doctors discovered it after “continued and exhaustive research”, the Trep-Sure has been in use for quite some time. Kinda like the Indians saying they discovered Columbus. Here’s a better one. It’s like hiring Albert Einstein to wash your car then saying you discovered the Theory of Relativity.


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