Did “Angel of Mercy” Tim Tritch Purposely Infect Adult Performers With HIV in 2004?

It just keeps getting better with Mike South. You know why? Let me explain.

When you challenge Mike South and you call him out on his lies, he basically silences you. If you go the Mike South’s website and you look on the top left corner where he lists the contributing authors. There are three names there. Those names are Lurking Reader, Lacey Blake and Lindsey Lovehands. Now Lurking Reader is Mike South. Lacey Blake is a girl who has another industry blog site. Do you know who was the third author before Lindsey Lovehands? Brooke Tyler.

Brooke Tyler used to be a contributing author on Mike South’s site. She was the only person on his message board that challenged him on his bullshit. Because she was a contributing author, he couldn’t silence her like he does everyone else. He let her make some really good points, which he dodged and he never answered anything. Now she is no longer a contributing author. I’ll bet if she wants to post again she will be strictly moderated. He didn’t like what Brooke Tyler had to say. He doesn’t like anyone on his message board to challenge him.

Now you’re all seeing what a deceptive little cunt Mike South is. Some of you gotta admit that you feel a little silly for believing that what this man said was the gospel, especially when it comes to what he said about me. You all took this man at his word and now you all know what a charlatan he is. His message board posters are dwindling by the minute. The only ones left are the fake names that Mike South posts under, Lacey Blake and a man who posts under the name of “jilted.”

We now know the identity of the rat who is known as jilted. I don’t know why this rat fuck is posting under his fake name now. Now that I think about it, jilted is the perfect name for this guy. He sounds like a jilted lover. He sounds like a little bitch. He sounds like a little queer who was hurt by people in the business.

He basically turned into a rat fuck. We worked for every side. He worked for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, he worked for Sharon Mitchell at AIM and he worked for LATATA. He started with Sharon Mitchell and AIM. Then he sold Sharon Mitchell and AIM out to AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Before he left AIM, he gave all the performers private information to Donny Long to post on Porn Wikileaks. Then after AIDS Healthcare Foundation discovered what a useless turd he was, he then pimped his queer ass to Derek Hay at LATATA working as a paid consultant. I guess somehow he got jilted by Derek Hay and LATATA and then went and professed his love and admiration for an ignorant hillbilly named Mike South. That’s where he resides now, posting under the fake name jilted. This person jilted is now known by the name of Tim Tritch. That’s his name. Tim Tritch.

This guy Tim Tritch is telling the world that AIM and Sharon Mitchell owe him $650,000. Tim Tritch, who is a hero to all the porn stars, who gives them money and and is their shoulder to cry on. Saintly Tim Tritch. He must be one of those David Geffen queens with loads of cash. He pays for bus tickets, he pays for talent tests. This guy’s a real Robin Hood. You would think this Robin Hood would start some kind or organization or foundation of his own to assist all of these wayward souls. Why doesn’t he do that? Because he’s fed up with the industry, right?

Sold out Sharon Mitchell to Weinstein and AHF, gave medical records to Donny Long and his crew, when Weinstein was done with him he went to LATATA. This guy is a mercenary rat fuck. He’s been a cancer eating away at the business for years. Now he sits on Mike South’s message board sucking South’s disease ridden pecker.

I’ve seen your posts, Tim Tritch. Kazoo this, motherfucker! You laid out 650 thou? You got proof of this? Tritch the Bitch. “I’m gonna sell out AIM, I’m gonna go work for AIDS Healthcare, I’m gonna go work for LATATA.” Let me ask you this Tim Tritch. If you care so much about the talent, why would you work for someone like Derek Hay, a man who runs an escort operation? C’mon Tim Tritch, now that you’re out of the shadows, answer me that.

Mike South and all of his bullshit has been exposed. He claims to have all of this inside information and all of these sources. Guess what? The Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment Report that he posted on his site Friday? I got the same report emailed to me at 1:54pm from Brian Duke, who is Isadore Hall’s right hand man. I didn’t post it, because I didn’t want to distract from exposing what a disease spreading lying cunt Mike South is. I sent the pdf to Monica Foster and a few other people to post. So you can see that when Mike South claims to have all of these exclusive contacts, he is once again full of shit.

You have rat motherfuckers like Tim Tritch. Now you can see the connection with Mike South and Derek Hay. Now you can see that Mike South is a shill for Derek Hay, because one of his heretofore anonymous posters was a paid consultant for LATATA. Every time something comes up that implicates Derek Hay and puts him in a bad light, Mike South is right there to back him up.

Mike South has still not answered the question about having an OSHA inspector on every one of his sets. We’ve heard ad nauseum about Scott Sparks, about Tee Reel, about a rigged Twisty’s contest that nobody cares about except a couple of girls who are butt hurt because they didn’t get to go to Cancun. When I tweeted his ludicrous statement that he made on AVN about him having an OSHA compliance person on every one of his sets, this motherfucker actually tweeted me back and said, “If you had any money, I’d LOVE to bet you one that one.”

Well, guess what? You’re on. I have two crisp 100 dollar bills right here. When you produce the documentation to back up your claim about a licensed OSHA inspection officer from the State of Georgia, along with a badge number and records of inspection sitting in on all of your sets, I will gladly send this 200 dollars to your trailer in Georgia. I’m talking about a licensed OSHA officer, not someone who works as a janitor in the OSHA building. You inferred in the AVN article that a licensed OSHA officer from the State of Georgia conducts an official inspection on all of your bukakke shoots. Produce this evidence or give me my 200 dollars, motherfucker.

All of you girls who continue to work for this lying disease spreading cocksucker. From this day forward, any girl who works for this human petri dish will be put on blast. We’re gonna put your name on AdultFYI, we’re gonna put your picture on Monica Foster’s site, we’re gonna let everybody in the industry know that you are dangerous to work with because you let untested, disease carrying hillbillies infect you with STDs. If you ever want to work for any reputable company in this business ever again, I would strongly suggest that you steer clear of Mike South and his disease factory. You are all on notice. Anyone who works for this animal is on the hit list.

The thing that makes Mike South so reprehensible and dangerous is that he terrorizes and attacks everyone for doing exactly what he himself is doing. He cannot be trusted to be a performer or to produce movies for this industry because he plays fast and loose with testing protocols and puts talent at risk. And he has the nerve to call me a scumbag? I don’t remember ever doing a gang bang with a girl where all of the guys weren’t tested. I don’t recall one of our contract girls, whether it was Alana Evans or Kristi Myst, ever having a bunch of untested hillbillies shooting loads in their face.

I’m telling ya, Mike South and Tim Tritch are cut from the same cloth. Two jilted industry outcasts who are two faced lying rat cocksuckers. Now that Tim Tritch is famous, Mike South should make him one of his contributing authors. Look at what this twisted creepy rat motherfucker posted:

“Phony tests and suicide,,,,its going to be a wild ride
Hold on close and close your eyes, your in for a big surprise
Blood will spill, walls will fall, and right here you will hear it all,
I have a very VIVID imagination, and the evidence to back the facts up.
Going once, going twice, sold to the man with the signed documents in his hand.,
Yep, I’m gonna sell you all out for 30 peices (sic) of silver. Any more bidders?”

Doesn’t that sound like a bitter faggot queen? This was a person who was in charge of taking care of porn talent? He sounds like a weirdo stalker. You know what Tim Tritch sounds like? He sounds like one of those people who would go and work at a hospital and take a syringe full of HIV blood and stick it in people and purposely infect them. He sounds like one of those angel of death nurses who got a hard on infecting people because he was “jilted.” Remember, we had all those cases of HIV that came out in 2004 at the exact time that Tim Tritch was working at AIM. Hmmm… Interesting isn’t it?

The story is that Darren James contracted HIV in Brazil and brought it back and infected all of those girls. Yet Darren James claimed he didn’t use IV drugs, didn’t fuck transsexuals, didn’t do anything other than what anyone else did in the industry. You wanna talk about conspiracy theories? There have been many cases of people who worked at hospitals and purposely infected patients with diseases, so they could care for them and be their angel of mercy. If this Tim Tritch doesn’t sound like one of those people, I don’t know what does.

Look at what else he posts:

“I decided those little tidbits of information are better saved for another day. Lots more where that came from too. you know the last time I got this pissed off at someone on one of these boards I called a guy named Isadore. And we all know how well thats working out for the industry these days don’t we?
“Pilot to bombadier, (sic) open the hatch and drop the nuke” Very soon porn valley is going to look like Nagasaki.”

Ladies and gentlemen, if that doesn’t sound like a sick twisted fuck, I don’t know what does. This is somebody who has had personal conversations with Mike South. This is somebody who is sick and twisted. He co-conspires with Mike South, who tells everybody else what to do regarding diseases, but says he doesn’t have to do the same thing himself, because he can spot STDs with his hillbilly eyes.

Tim Tritch claims he had to tell all of these girls that they contracted HIV back in 2004 and that one girl was so upset that she dug her nails into his arm so hard that he has scars to this day. He claims he got stiffed for over half a million dollars at AIM. Now he’s making creepy, ominous veiled threats on a message board about dropping nukes and blood will spill and phony tests and suicide and says that porn valley is going to look like Nagasaki.

Somebody needs to investigate this Tim Tritch. If anyone knows this Tim Tritch, stay the fuck away from him. If anyone has pictures of him, it would be hugely helpful. This guy is dangerous.

Tim Tritch is dangerous. He is a vindictive, bitter, JILTED motherfucker who also happened to have been involved in a major outbreak of HIV back in 2004 involving 4 people. He claims to be a medical professional. Does this sound like a sane individual? Someone who’s saying, “Pilot to bombardier, open the hatch and drop the nuke.” Somebody who said he got pissed off at somebody on a message board, so he called Isadore Hall? Somebody who went to AIDS Healthcare Foundation when he was working at AIM and got paid to be a rat? Somebody who had direct contact with all the individuals who acquired HIV back in 2004?

My question is this. Did this sick fuck infect these people? Did Tim Tritch purposely infect these people? This is a guy who sold out AIM and claims they stiffed him for over half a million dollars, somehow all of these records ended up over at Porn Wikileaks with Donny Long and he then goes to Derek Hay at LATATA, who is known for prostitution and putting talent in risky situations. But if you read what he posts, he sounds like he’s someone who cares. He’s an angel of mercy. He then associates with Mike South, who we now know puts talent at risk for diseases by having them work with guys who aren’t tested for any diseases other than HIV using a store bought non industry approved test.

This is some scary shit. You know how Mike South likes to post up pictures of Scott Sparks and his address and makes threats like “someone should pay him a visit?” We need to find out some information on this Tim Tritch. We need pictures and we need to investigate this guy. He sounds like one of those loony anti-abortion protesters that bomb abortion clinics and waits outside with a gun and shoots doctors.

Read the posts. Read the posts and see if what I’m saying is wrong. Tim Tritch is dangerous. Mike South is dangerous. Anyone who supports Mike South, including Vicky Vette who advertises on his site are culpable for diseases that are being spread in this business.

Mike South is a disgruntled bitch who was ostracized by this business and has run a campaign of terror against it ever since. He works with a dangerously unhinged individual named Tim Tritch.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is frightening.

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