Did Jayden James Tweet Her Career Demise?

Edited from www.lukeford.com : I’m going to share a little secret with you today, as much as it sucks there are more people in this world that are more important to you. And there are people in this industry that are far, far more important than you. Even if you are the biggest named porn star in the world, there are still people far more powerful than you, so the last thing you should do is go around on your twitter page and talk shit about them, especially if “them” is a big named company like Vivid and “you” = a porn star who depends on bookings from said company or from companies they might be associated with or friends with.

WARNING – What I’m about ot say will no doubt offend a lot of people here. But you know what? I don’t fucking care – SOMEONE HAS TO FUCKING SAY IT. So consider yourself warned. Everything from this point of the post on will be highly offensive to people, but it is also the truth so fucking deal with it and move on…..

[several graphs are devoted to the classification of porn stars]

…..So now that we have the classification of porn stars out of the way let’s go back to the story at hand …. There is a porn star out there who for whatever reason thought it would be a great idea to name herself after the infant child of a pop star. She did so during the height of the Britney Spears – K-Fed drama. Her name is Jayden Jaymes.

Jayden Jaymes is, well let’s be honest here never going to be the next Jenna Jameson or even Tera Patrick or Jesse Jane. It’s nothing personal, she just doesn’t have the look. Nice tits sure, but there has to be more than just a pair of double D’s to be a mega star. However someone forgot to tell Jayden James that she’s not Jenna Jameson because she’s getting one hell of a super star ego on her. Today is a good example of that.

There are girls lined up begging to be cast in feature films. Sure there is some web work out there in porn right now but to be cast in a movie isn’t quite as easy as it used to be so you would think if you got that opportunity you would be at least a little grateful, right? Apparently not. Jayden Jaymes is booked to appear in a upcoming Vivid feature film. She announces the night before via twitter that she didn’t even bother to read her script or learn her lines, the night before. Actually here is a copy of what she said ….

16 hours ago she said she knew she had a big day on the set of a Vivid movie. Then 4 hours ago she mentions that she didn’t bother to learn her lines and call time is apparently an hour later where we learn they are asking her to do an extra 15 minute dance, but don’t want to pay her more, I can only assume because well, she didn’t bother to learn her lines in the first place for the first job they paid her for so what is the big deal about asking for another 15 minutes of her time?

We aren’t talking hours here or even her to do any sort of sexual act. All they are asking her to do is dance around for 15 minutes while they film it. 15 minutes is nothing compared to the extra time they have to spend filming her today since she didn’t bother reading her script.

Next problem – Jayden Jaymes calls Vivid out on Twitter trying to make them sound like the bad guys. She publicly talks shit about a very big company in this business. Interesting. Then she acts like her time is so much more valuable then theirs. I mean fuck she already admitted that she didn’t do what they paid her to do in the first place. Who the fuck does this person think she is?

“I was already doing them a favor” is what she said. Really? I think the one doing the favor is Vivid for hiring your ass in the first place. How are you doing them a favor when they are paying you to be in their movie?

What the fuck is wrong with these girls? Do they not understand how bad things are right now and that they shouldn’t fucking bite the hand that feeds them?

Someone seriously needs to tell Jayden Jaymes that she barely ranks in the top 100 porn stars and that she needs to kiss all the ass she can before the word gets out that she is a problem to work with and people stop calling to book her. So how is that little favor?

Oh and while you are at it, someone might want to tell her that tweeting and talking shit about one of the biggest companies in the industry, also not a good idea.

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