Did Monica Foster get the cops involved with Serenity Haze?

Monica Foster


Once again, Monica Foster had been caught in another lie. Recently Foster has stated that she went to the cops, filed a report, and spoke to a detective about the whole Serenity Haze being raped BS. Of course Foster is unable to provide any name, badge number, and contact information for the alleged detective that she claims that she had spoken with. Foster is unable to provide a police report or anything else that would prove that she went to the police about this.

Of course she tweeted this and no one bothered to acknowledge her as usual, especially her 13K followers she claims to have.

Over the years, Foster has made BS threats of getting the police and the FBI involved in certain situations and on certain people, NOTHING HAPPENED YET BECAUSE SHE NEVER WENT TO THEM.

How could Fostard go to the cops and get them involved with the Serenity Haze situation when she couldn’t even appear in court and stand before a judge about a certain someone allegedly stalking her?

Why doesn’t she just come clean? There is no Serenity Haze police report because she never fucking made one.

Monica Foster proven yet again to be a fucking liar.




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