Did Mr. Marcus Change His Story? Now He’s Saying His Remarks Were Taken Out of Context And He Was Mis-Quoted

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Mr. Marcus keeps changing his stories. In an interview with SF Weekly www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=55640 it’s pointed out that Marcus altered the physical copy of his test to omit that he was reactive to syphilis.

Originally, Marcus claimed that an employee at TTS [Talent Testing Services] helped him do that. When asked if that was true, he now tells SF Weekly, “It was all me, no one else helped.”

In a perfect world, several things had to have happened. Marcus could have been threatened with a lawsuit from TTS which is very possible. But if that were the case, Marcus would have run first to AVN and XBiz to recant and not make the announcement in a forum less likely to be read by those in the porn business. Then, again, Marcus ran like a butt boy to Mike South to voice an apology, so you never know.

Possibly, Marcus had pangs of conscience, but that’s highly debatable because Marcus in the interview also blithely states that he intends to stay in the business. After everything that’s gone down including a moratorium and eight other performers testing positive, he may not have that call to make. Industry vet Tom Byron has already called for him to retire.

Another possible scenario, but one which is a stretch, is that he had a falling out with Diane Duke and Manwin. Both Duke and Manwin have espoused an anti-TTS agenda and Marcus became the convenient and likely tool to deliver that spiel.

Here’s another possibility: both Manwin and Duke were threatened with lawsuits and told Marcus to fall on his sword. But Duke would have arranged another dog and pony show for the benefit of the media.

But it’s not a perfect world.

Because Marcus ran to XBiz and offered this: Marcus is now saying his remarks were taken out of context and that the interview was biased and he was mis-quoted.

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