Did Rob Black Have a Wrestler’s Thumb Cut Off?

During the course of his inaugural Internet show www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58046 Friday Rob Black harped on the fact that most male performers in the adult business were probably using enhancements.

“If a male performer today can’t get a hard on,” Black continued, “that’s because you’re a faggot.

“With all these chemicals that are out there now, with spiking your dick and taking a pill, if you can’t get a hard on you’re a homosexual. That’s it. You should not be on this side of the business.”

“That’s it. You should be a bottom for the gay side of the business. There’s nothing wrong with it. I love gay people. My sister is gay. I’m for gay rights. Get married. Get miserable as we all are. When you’re gay partner divorces you, have him take your kids. Have him take your money.”

Black was of the opinion that opponents to gay marriage should “take a fucking gun and shoot themselves.”

“Spiking,” said Black, back on point, doesn’t make you a porn star.

“Doing ten scenes a day doesn’t make you a porn star,” Black added, noting that performers like Harry Reems, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy and Herschel Savage deserve that accolade.

“Remember that girl Viper? Why the fuck should she be in the hall of fame?” Black asked. “Ever hear Bill Margold talk about Viper like she was the second coming of porn.”

Asked for his opinion Tom Byron, cohost of the show said, “She had a nice tattoo across the side of her body.”

Black asked Byron if she was a good performer.

“Yeah, I suppose for the time,” answered Byron. “I didn’t work with her that much. She had a pretty nice vagina.”

Black went on to say the term “porn star” is used mighty loosely.

A caller-in named John, who identified himself as working in the porn business as an editor, thanked Black for standing up for the First Amendment and taking on the US government.

“I hear Mr. Black is possibly doing XPW again,” added the caller.

Black said there will be announcements to that effect, that he’s re-claimed his company. John then put Black on the spot about The Messiah story. Messiah was a wrestler in Black’s camp. His real name was Billy Welch [pictured].

The site www.OnLineWorldofWrestling.com reported: “In August 2001, The Messiah was fired from XPW for reasons that are still a source of speculation. Rumors were out all over the place that he was fired for having an affair with Rob Black’s wife Janet Romano aka porn star Lizzy Borden. Messiah claimed later in an interview that those rumors were completely false and his departure from XPW was due to him missing some dates and appearances with the company due to some personal issues. He had also stated he was no longer comfortable working for XPW and XPW’s parent company Extreme Associates which is an adult film company.”

The other story as reported by the website, says: “On August 1, 2002 two attackers entered the Messiah’s apartment and what happened would be a brutal attack. They knocked at his door and he thought they were friends of his roommate and let them enter.

“He was playing video games at the time and saw them arguing in a reflection on his TV. They then locked Messiah’s door and when he confronted them they began their assault. They struggled with the Messiah and took him to the floor.

“One of them had him in a chokehold and the other grabbed a pair of gardening shears which would be used to cut his thumb off. He fought them off and made his way to the door. They managed to stop him and one of them attempted to cut Messiah’s penis off.

“They finally left and the assailants actually took his thumb with them! Speculation was that they took his thumb as a sort of sick souvenir to get proof for a paid hit. The attack received major mainstream media coverage and was featured as a story on the Sept 21, 2002 edition of America’s Most Wanted.”

Black called the whole story “folklore.”

“It’s all folklore my friend,” Black continued. “And at the end of the day, everything’s folklore just like the Beatles signed their soul to the devil in order to make them famous. At the end of the day we could dwell into a lot of stuff like that, and the week’s go on.”

Black suspected that a lot of new people to the scene wouldn’t know what he was talking about.

Black also used the question as a springboard into his own story.

“I love doing the history gimmick because so many people in this business have no idea about the history.”

“At the end of the day I wanted to be a pornographer, “Black continued.

“My dad’s a pornographer; my uncle’s a pornographer. They started The Zane Bros. back in 1983-84. The first movie they did was Backside to the Future starring Sharon Mitchell, Paul Thomas, Randy West, Stacy Donovan, Erica Boyer and some other old fucks. But some of the old bastards are still around.”

For his part, Black got into the business in 1996.

“I used to do the buying for my dad and there was a company called Plush Entertainment.” Black explained that the product went to adult stores and Black would drill glory holes in the back so “homosexuals could have sex with each other in the back rooms.”

“I would buy product from Plush, and Plush is a company owned by two kids, Mark Gallagher and Dave Martinez. Mark Gallagher’s dad, Jack Gallagher was partners with Russ Hampshire at VCA and they owned Babenet. The Gallaghers were monster players at the beginning of the Internet world. [What Black failed to mentioned is that Babenet also initiated the practice of slamming credit cards and have since gone out of business.]

“I told them [Plush] I want to make movies, I want to do what my dad did,” continued Black.

“I created a movie called Tenderloins, and they distributed it through VCA.” Black also mentions that his father told him he was out of his mind.

“He disowned me.”

Black said he needed a star from LA, so he called Missy, a porn performer who died in 2008 from a drug overdose.

“She was a big star back in the Nineties- she was a Wicked contract girl, stuff like that.”

Black flew both Missy and her husband at the time Mickey G. to New York.

“They were my stars.” Black also used Steve Hatcher and a performer he got through Jim Gunn.

“Her name was Barbie, something like that, a cute little blond.”

“We shot this movie in my dad’s rooming house. He had a flop house on State Street in the city [Rochester, NY]. It was a skid row house where you’d rent rooms for the week. Like bums lived there. Later as I got older I’d go there and get fucking blowjobs from hookers and stuff like that.”

After Black made the movie he sent it to Mark Gallagher.

“It did pretty good. I think we moved 2,000 pieces of VHS and I’m sure they all fucking robbed me. I got a couple of dollars from it and the next one had to be all-out. It’s got to be the best.

“Eddie and Mark go, hey, this might be something good. We did good with it. Back then they took 30%. Like I said, Jesus, it was robbery back then. Distribtiuon deals were, whatever. All they did was flip it to Russ and it was a movie put out through VCA because Plush was owned, really, by Russ. Russ was partners with Jack Gallagher. And Mark was Jack Gallagher’s kid.”

“They also had Jim Holliday making movies for them,” Black added.

“Like Car Wash Angels- those were like 40-girl movie epic-things.”

Black remembered when he used to share an office at VCA Pictures.

“They would let me be there if he [Holliday] wasn’t there, and he got pissed off and called the office saying he’d be in that day. And then they would make me not sit there and he’d never show up. How’s that for a cranky old cocksucker?”

Realizing he had to go over-the-top for his next movie Black pondered who he should book, so he went to Jim South who was running the biggest talent agency at the time.

“I knew Jim South from booking Nina Hartley for autograph signings.”

Black’s story was interrupted by Paris Gables, a performer who used to be under contract to Black.

Gables said she was under contract with Gia Paloma who’s now Mrs. Tommy Pistol.

“We used to run around like little children causing mischied,” Gables recalled.

“Fucking and drinking vodka.”

Black said he’s heard that Paloma has now sworn off the business and doesn’t talk about it like it doesn’t exist.

“If you talk to Tommy Pistol he acts like she wasn’t one of the first innovators of being the dirtiest, filthiest animals in the business.”

“She was pretty fucking dirty,” Gables agreed.

Black remembered one of his movies, Cocktails. [I was on the set of one of those shoots and had the dry heaves.]

Black said Paloma took a milk enema.

“We were doing that shit long before the kids of today were doing it. She shit a turd. I seen it and I watched it go in and she watched me watch it go in. She’s trying to fish the turd out. She scooped the turd out and fucking drank it.”

Gables tried to think of the grossest thing she ever did on camera. Gables masturbated in bloody meat.

Black’s recollection of her grossest act revealed a secret.

“A lot of the stuff we did was fake. Or it was planned. It was, hey, during a DP we’re going to take a chair and hit you in the head with it. Everything was always choreographed. I remember when we did, ‘Go Fuck Youself.’ In essence what Kink calls today- they copied us- I remember we did this scene, and I put a toilet upstairs.”

Black said Gables was in a hazmat suit with a spotlight shining on her.

“It was all planned. It was a great gimmick,” said Black.

“We were going to slap you [Gables] but we weren’t going to tell you. It was a surprise. And the scene starts and you guys took it to a place where it fucking disturbed me, and I yell cut. I go Paris are you alright. And you’re like, Rob, what’s wrong? I go I don’t know this guy is hitting you in your face and you’re bouncing off the floor. That was the hardest and most disturbing. We did the worm gimmick but it was a gimmick.

“We did it where Lizzy [Borden] was awoken from the dead in a graveyard. And Paris acted like a dog. We had the dog have sex with the caretaker and at the end he came in your mouth and you ate live earthworms from the ground with the cum.”

While Black said that was a gimmick, the disturbing elements were when Gables and others would take it upon themselves to go to the outer edge.

Asked if she was coming back into the business, Gables said it was still the question, but she didn’t know.

Black got off the topic of his original point when a question came from the chat room asking why he’s decided to resurrect XPW. Obviously, another story for another day.

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