Die-Screaming.com Interviews Marcus London; Has His Sites on a James Bond Parody

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In a series of email exchanges, www.die-screaming.com chats it up with Marcus London about Spartacus MMXII and Measure B:

2012 has been a really great year for Marcus London. Best known as a veteran performer in the adult entertainment industry, Marcus London made a name for himself this year as the director and writer of Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning. Additionally, London’s production company – London Gunn Films – was instrumental in producing the film, along with Miko Lee Productions.

It can be argued (and I have) that Spartacus MMXII is one of the most epic and groundbreaking porn films to be released in the past decade. I recently had an opportunity to ask Marcus London some questions. Here’s how that went…

Q: As you may know, since your Spartacus MMXII film was announced, we’ve been big fans. Now, the film is out and has been nominated for 18 XBIZ Awards. Did you ever think it would achieve that level of success?

London: I knew we had made a great movie and was confident that other performers and fans would like what we had created but I did have reservations to the way AVN, Xbiz and other award related entities would view our work . The movie is in many ways far removed from the typical adult production format but it certainly seems with Xbiz that they have embraced our vision. We picked up 18 nominations and we couldn’t be happier. We also recently found out that Spartacus MMXII was nominated for 12 AVN awards. Again we’re thrilled. However, they placed it in the parody category and we feel that it is one thing this film really is not.

Q: The thing that I find so appealing about Spartacus MMXII is the scope of what you and your team put together. This isn’t your typical porn film. What was the most challenging part about making this movie?

London: To be honest Spartacus was the least problematic movie I have ever made but that I am sure was due to the immense planning that proceeded the shoot days. I would say the fight sequences were the most challenging for us. We were fighting with real weapons – steel and wood. Just one wrong move and someone could have been very badly hurt. Safety was always at the forefront of our minds, but after 5 hours fighting with a heavy sword you can get a bit sloppy! lol

Q: Recently, despite a huge amount of opposition and activism by the porn industry, LA County voters passed Measure B. What are your thoughts on this ordinance and how do you think it will affect porn production going forward?

London: It’s very hard to predict how this will affect the biz. It’s crazy to think people believe that we are a risk to public health. We are the most aware and health conscious group of people because not only is it out job but if there is a slip up our lives at stake. Everyone in the industry takes that very seriously. If it gets enforced to the letter, I think the industry is dead. If that happens, my team will just jump in to mainstream production which is our goal now anyway.

Q: Getting back to Spartacus, the title of “Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning” begs the question; Will there be a sequel?

London: Definitely. Even without funding I will be making the sequel. We are planning to make this next one deeper in its storyline with twists, turns and surprises and with more time spent on the acting and dialog. We’re also focusing on even wilder action that will blow the first movie away…oh yeah… and some sex.

Q: Considering the huge amount of success that you and your production company have achieved in 2012, what are your plans for 2013? How do you raise the bar after all the acclaim that Spartacus has received?

London: Well I have decided to attempt a Bond movie. I wrote one over 10 years ago and seeing the new Skyfall movie got my creative juices flowing again. I want something even more challenging than Spartacus and what better production than a James Bond spoof. It’s got beautiful women, stunning locations, high octane action gun fights, fast cars and me as bond James Bond. I always wanted to say that!! lol

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