Dino Morea: Anybody can fall in love with Sunny Leone

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from www.bollywoodlife.com – Even after signing Mahesh Bhatt’s film Jism 2, Sunny Leone’s pornstar status is refusing to budge. The 30-year-old Canadian import raised many eyebrows when she made a rather colourful entry in the Bigg Boss 5 house last year.

And in spite of bagging the lead role in a prominent film, her past seems to continue haunting her. Apparently, Dino Morea, who is co-producing the much talked about film Jism 2, is not particularly happy about people identifying Sunny with porn.

“Sunny Leone is much talked about for her casting credibility in Jism 2. I don’t understand – what’s the hoopla all about? That she was a pornstar? She has not done anything wrong – porn is legal in the country she hails from. So, keep that tag away from her,” said Dino in an interview.

Sure the Raaz actor has got a valid point, but what boggles our mind is the fact that while Dino is defending his friend and the star of his film, Sunny is busy posting tweets promoting and reminding her fans to keep checking her personal website.

At a recent event, Sunny was spotted having a friendly chat with Dino, since then many tongues have begun wagging in B-town. The Bigg Boss 5 contestant clearly has maintained a warm equation with her co-producer.

Dino keeps describing Sunny as ‘a beautiful person’ in the media. “She is a fantastic and beautiful person. She is so endearing that anybody can fall in love with her. She is rehearsing for her role and is working hard to settle in Bollywood,” said the protective co-producer in a recent interview. Well, she’s indeed sweet and we certainly don’t deny it!

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