Director Steps Down

(Los Angeles, CA) – “I started this site to help out Wankus and, because I really believe in what their doing over there,” stated the resigning Director of the recently popular news and information site,

Barry Hulagon (frequently pronounced ‘Hooligan’), took a lot of time out of his day at a well known Los Angeles advertising agency, to voluntarily help promote KSEXradio as well as scattered other talent in the adult industry. “I think Wankus is one of the most witty, intelligent talents out there,” remarked Hulagon, “and I wanted to help him and others in the biz who I saw with his kind of work ethic.”

Unfortunately, the time spent assisting KSEX and friends, has really started to effect his mainstream career in advertising. Hulagon assured, “I will be somewhat involved in promotions and I am still planning on using my plane tickets to join you all in Vegas this January.” (Internext/AVN Awards) “The site will not suffer,” Hulagon continued, “I’m handing reporting duties over to Wayne Lewis (Wankus), and he’ll probably take it to another level.”

Currently Top Pro Talent features news, info and scattered editorials by industry writers. Barry Hulagon wanted to always give credit where it was do, therefore he insisted on all links going directly to other reporting sites, so that they would receive full credit for their story. That policy will not change with Lewis taking over the reigns. In-house stories will be printed as such and all others will take surfers directly to the source site.

You may wish Barry well and still remain in contact with him at [email protected]

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